+++ MEDION USB external drive - should I buy it??

  pcdimwit 18:31 26 Jun 2011

thinking of buying a 500gb external drive for £39 in Aldi, I have a Buffalo one which is v. good. have only the USB 2 laptops so not really bothered about the USB3 models, the USB 2 ones are USB powered so very handy. Saw some problems with another person who couldnt "format" the drive and wondered if I should buy this Medion drive, its only for simple extra storage for vids/photo's/etc., - would you recommend one?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  rickf 19:04 26 Jun 2011

why not?

  pcdimwit 19:24 26 Jun 2011

But is it reliable and do any of the experts here know of any potential problems here?? I know its probably made with a "leading"brand innards but am alway a bit nervous of stuff that is so cheap, though there USB sticks and SD cards have all been fine. Thanks PCDIMWIT

  chub_tor 20:31 26 Jun 2011

This is the only review I could find and it shows that if there is a problem then Medion are quick to fix/replace a drive. And this is the Medion warranty

  pcdimwit 20:39 26 Jun 2011

Hmmm, that review looks a bit worrying but its not really a technical spec review. good that she got it all replaced but of course lost all the data on it, I wonder how often this happens with these external drives??? I guess they must all have a pretty standard processor or whatever is inside it, probably made by Hitachi (i think my my Buffalo drive is a Hitachi inside) or Samsung or one of the big companies. thanks PCDIMWIT it does make the think from that "customer review" that there MUST be a way to retrieve the data that was on the disk????

  birdface 20:47 26 Jun 2011

Medion warranty.

Medion has been taken over by a China firm I believe so whether they will honour any warranty I do not know.

Not seen any Medion computers in Aldi since I bought mine about 3 months ago.

  Ian in Northampton 20:51 26 Jun 2011

All I'd say is - at that price, buy two, and store your stuff on both. Th chances of two drives going wrong at the same time are, I'd have thought, pretty minimal. And it's always a good idea to have a backup of your backups. I speak as someone sufficiently paranoid that my two internal 250GB drives are backed up to two 5OOGB USB drives, which are backed up to a 1TB USB drive - which is backed up to another 1TB USB drive that I keep in a completely different place. With years and years of accumulated photos, music, emails and correspondence, it seems unwise not to invest in all the storage you can afford.

  pcdimwit 22:02 26 Jun 2011

~This is what I am worried about it I scan all my old roll film photos and "irreplaceable" stuff, should the one external drive fail. Thanks PCDIMWIT

  robin_x 22:17 26 Jun 2011

You can get WD Internal 1TB for £40 (amazon).

Open you existing ext USB or buy a cheap/caddy enclosure or both? Or buy 1 x Medion + 1 x WD?

I agree multiple units are the best strategy.

--* Just checked again on amazon. 500GB Ints @ £30. WD Int is SATAII, dunno if that affects caddies/enclosures.

But anyway, WD Ext Drive @ £41.09 link text

Happy shopping

  EARLR 09:57 28 Jun 2011

Always buy the largest dirve you can afford. You will be supprised how fast they fill up.

I have 6 TB of movies stored on mine.

  smokingbeagle 15:29 28 Jun 2011

Do run a virus checker scan. I bought one from ALDI a few years ago and it was infected. Still going strong after years of rough usage. Mine had a Samsung HDD inside.

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