Medion RF Remote Control

  The Musicman 12:46 05 Apr 2003

I have just brought the Medion PC from Aldi.

It comes with a RF remote control, the reciever unit plugs into USB.

I was wondering if there is any way it could be used to control the system, especially system volume, or Windows Media Player. At the minute it only works with the medion software supplied, which is, to be frank, a rubbish media player!

Hope you can help

Steven Mather

  anniesboy68 21:10 06 Apr 2003

The Musicman....If you read the instructions for the controller it warns you that the controller can only be used with the Power Cinema program. [inside page at the bottom marked Warning. Hope this helps.

  The Musicman 21:39 06 Apr 2003

yeah got that. Medion support also told me that.

any ideas if you can download 3rd party software to change this?



  anniesboy68 15:38 07 Apr 2003

The sorry mate, not ito all that.. As a matter of interest you will have Power Cinema....can you get TV programs yet? I can get radio but no TV. Probably duff aerial supplied

  The Musicman 16:51 07 Apr 2003

yes i have got it working

i don't want to insult your intelligence, but have you tried putting a tv aerial into the socket (next to the radio socket)?

i tried a portable TV aerial, the reception was rubbish (location of PC not suitable etc), but it did work.

no good about the remote though. I was hoping it would work for everything. Ah well.

What do you think overall to the PC. Top notch i think. Good scores on the benchmarks etc. I got the flat screen and the 5.1 like a dream. I have also brought a medion laptop 18 months ago from aldi. also good, dirt cheap...but prone to overheating!

Anyway, good luck

Thanks for your help


  anniesboy68 21:21 07 Apr 2003

The Musicman. Hi again. Yes I have put the supplied TV aerial in [the long piece of wire with a aerial connection on one end and a split lead with two rubber things on the other end] and connected it to the "Y" socket next to Y2 on the bottom card. Yes a good PC with plenty to go at. What benchmarking do you use, please. I've just given, repeat given, my 1.6 Medion computer to my son who was suffering with a P200 with no CD writer. What a good dad I am!!!!

  The Musicman 21:38 07 Apr 2003

Did you get one or two aerials? I only got one, which sounds like the one you've got, and its a radio aerial. Take a close look and you'll see the sockets are different. I think you need a seperate aerial, either a portable one, or a real one (from the roof). You may need to split you co-ax etc

As for the benchmarking:

PC Mark 2002: CPU-6300,MEM-5400,HD-900

3D Mark 2001SE: 11680
3dMark 2003: 3600

Get them from

Its a shame PC advisor won't let us have a copy of WorldBench 4, to compare with their reviews!

  anniesboy68 15:41 08 Apr 2003

The Musicman.....Thanks for the info, silly bugger I am I had the radio aerial in the right socket so was able to get radio of course. Been out and got myself a desktop TV aerial today and can now get TV although a little fuzzy at the moment, will have to "fine tune" so to speak. No idea what the figures you sent mean, I'm onlya novice really, and just reaching 70 so bear with me if you want to reply

  The Musicman 16:14 08 Apr 2003

i dont think you need to worry about then benchmarks then. It just means its fast!

If you want to know, then:

PC Mark 2002 benchmarks your system for "business" type applications, and gives it a score for the processor, memory and hard drive speed. A lot of geek magazines use it to compare system speed. A score of 6300 is top notch, the fastest CPU you can get at the minute rakes up 7500. A pentium 100 (as old as you!:-) ) would score 0

3D Mark 2001/2003 benchmarks your system for playing games. Again the higher the score the faster. A score of around 12000 is, again, top notch. The fatest card at the minute does 16000. As for the 2003 edition, its the same, but newer! The fastest score on this is around 5500, so a score of 3600 is again very good.

Its quite easy to get worried about these scores. Don't! They just meaen a couple of things: 1) Your PC is FAST. VERY FAST. 2) it should be able to take on anything you throw at in (except for bricks) 3)it should be both 1 and 2 for at least a few weeks, by which time we'll be told its rubbish and won't do anything except sit in the loft !!

If you want to try it yourself, then you can download the programs from click here - but they are BIG files, i would only recommend this on broadband (although it still takes a while). occassionly you can get the programs on Cover Discs, but i doubt it ever going on PC Advisor, although its my opinion that these benchmarks are better than PCAdvisor's Worldbench 4 - you can't compare your own PC with that.

Anyway, i hope that helps

If you want further info, just email me steven at (in case its not obvious, remove the spaces and change 'at' to @) or just post on here.


Steven Mather

  anniesboy68 11:41 09 Apr 2003

The Musicman.....Thanks for info and taking the trouble to reply. Might just download what you suggest, I am on ntl 600 broadband so it shouldn't take long. The Musicman, does that mean your'e a muso?? I have been in the past, still do a bit now and again.

  The Musicman 12:16 09 Apr 2003

ah yes i am.

i also run a music website, mainly popular chart music, which features news, chart, videos etc click here

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