Medion Recovery CD

  zipman 15:10 31 May 2005

My new Pc a Medion MS7046 came with a recovery CD that would allow me to get my system back the way it was shipped. \it also came with a Windows XP system disk, after a couple of times reseting it back to shipping order with the recovery disk, i got a bit cocky and decided to just install the Windows XP on its own, on trying to use the recovery disk, it now tells me that i can not use the disk again to set it back to shipping order, is their any way out of this silly mistake i have made ?

  ZnO 15:38 31 May 2005

Medions web site ?click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:49 31 May 2005

When you install XP did it format the drives?

Have you still got the D:\backup drive or E:\Recovery drive?

  Nipsen 2 16:02 31 May 2005

Another site worth trying click here
although the people on this forum are good !

  zipman 21:07 31 May 2005

Yes when i installed XP it did reformat the hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 31 May 2005

Have you still got the D:\backup drive or E:\Recovery drive?

  woodchip 21:14 31 May 2005

This is one case for Creating a Acronis True Image before trying things out

  woodchip 21:18 31 May 2005

And it's one you can duplicate, as Medion is only a Image but they use Ontrack to create it. Get your OS loaded and Programs Get it running as you want the create your own Restore Image

  Dipso 21:20 31 May 2005

My Medion 8080XL has the recovery files stored in the E drive. They are named factory.pqi and several factory.00x files. My user manual advises you back these up for such a situation. I am not familiar with your Medion but you could ask on the forum mentioned or click here
to see if anyone has the factory files for your machine.

  zipman 21:24 31 May 2005

I have just done a search for E:\Recovery drive. but it does not show anything for it.

  Dipso 21:58 31 May 2005

So there is only the C: drive shown in My Computer? Looks like you have removed the partitions :(

No doubt Medion would be able to provide the factory files for a charge.

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