Medion Pc's (Aldi)

  six-h 19:31 14 May 2003

as a newcomer to IT.I've been looking into buying my first pc. and missed the last aldi offer on the above computers.
they cannot now give me the spec which I am told is quite impressive,and neither can medion which fills me with forboding!!

Anyone got an opinion??

  justme 19:45 14 May 2003

Aldi buy in a batch of well specified computers and sell them as one of their weekly special offers. That explains why Aldi cannot supply you as they have sold all that they ordered. Medion may not supply an identical specified computer but have something fairly similar or even better; but it may be at a premium, as you will only be buying one computer instead of the hundreds of thousands which Aldi order.

If you can wait a little longer then I'm fairly sure that Aldi will have another computer fairly soon as it generates a lot of interest as well as money. If you can't wait try PC World which sometimes features Medion computers, but usually at a slightly higher price or lower specification than Aldi.

  annakay 13:14 06 Jun 2003

we bough a medion from aldi - not sure what the spec is but it is good, similar to some evesham
A list ones we looked at. by the time we've finished buying altect 5.1 sepakers & c62 cannon printer we've saved more than 1/2 the cost of an evesham - obviously we don't have the same sort of tech back up as evesham - but i's amazing how many friend have offered to extend our limited pc skills!

aldi only take debit cards, (on the day i only had credit cards) as they had run out they took my order which they said would take about 6 weeks to honour.

within 2 hours they'd got one from another store & low - here i am now.

it's super fast - everthing we need (flat screen pretty to look at etc)

the chap at aldi said they usually sell computers twice a year - so look out at christmas as i will be in the queue with you ? ...

You could also keep an eye on LIDL if you have one in your area, as they have similar PC offers every few months.

  conrail 14:08 06 Jun 2003

PC World also get medon computers in, ask them, my local branch refused to keep 1 for me but I was in Gateshead and they took my details and within a week called me to say they had a delivery and kept 1 for me, good value compared to other offers they had

  drummerdude436 14:27 06 Jun 2003

aldi will be have a "whilst stocks last" kind of thing going on, so if ya missed it, ya missed it!!
personally, I hate pre-built computers, too much money. Try building your own, you get a better spec for less money usually.
i'm getting a 2.13ghz (333fbs), 256Mb DDR RAM, asus mother board, ge force 4 graphics card (64Mb),all the other parts (keyboard, mouse etc.), sony CD rewrite drive all for under £450. windows '98 is dirt cheap now, so that won't be much. try click here, very good site.


  drummerdude436 14:29 06 Jun 2003

one more thing, never buy time computers!!

  anniesboy68 14:41 06 Jun 2003

Toys r us do Medion, not sure of the spec though

  TBH1 14:55 06 Jun 2003

yep, Toys 'r' Us a very good call - - - a place you don't tend to look at but have seen them there too.

  SEASHANTY 16:22 06 Jun 2003

You could also check a nearby branch of STAPLES if you have one. They sell "Medion" ccomputers under the Cyberhome label. Check out the specification. It will not be as good as the Aldi decreed spec though. I also noted that whereas the Aldi Medions had Microsoft software installed the PC World Medion's came with the "Star Office" software.

  drummerdude436 16:27 06 Jun 2003

personally, i would stay away from star office, its not as good as microsoft office. i got it free with my time (no, i didn't buy it, i got it given, so don't start having a go at me for being a hypocrite!!!!)


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