Medion Notebook

  jessej 21:32 25 Sep 2006

My daughter bought a Medion MIM2120 AO Notebook about a year ago. Since then she has managed to get it so bunged up with rubbish that I could easily go to sleep while waiting for it to boot, its that slow. After playing around with it for getting on for three months now without speeding it up by much, I've decided that it could well be beneficial, and much quicker, to reformat it.
A couple of things that could no doubt do it the world of good, it only has 256MB RAM, and a 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron, but I would prefer not to go into them at present.
I've reformatted Desktops a few times but never a Notebook, and she only has a Recovery CD.
Another thing I'm not happy about is that the 40GB HD is split into three partitions.
Drive C, labellled Boot Up, which has just about everything on it, OS; programmes, etc
Drive D, labelled Back Up, which has three folders on it, namely: Driver; Movies and Tools.
Drive E, labelled Recovery, which has four unreadable files, namely: Factiry.002 at 638MB; Factory.003, again 638MB; Factory.004, at 185MB and Factory.PQI, again 638MB.
Drives C and D are NTFS, Drive E is FAT32.

The OS is XP Home with SP2.

As always, any help/suggestions/ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 25 Sep 2006

I'd read the instructions for the recovery procedure and take it from there; be sure to back up all data - address books, bookmarks, documents, emails etc.

And another 256 or 512 mb RAM will make a hell of a difference...

  mikef. 21:46 25 Sep 2006

If it's like my Medion desktop all you have to do is put the recovery disc in and follow the on screen instructions, I've had the experience when my hard drive failed, all the information to reset it to factory condition is on the recovery disc, the drive partition is pretty standard

  jessej 22:01 25 Sep 2006

Thank you both for your very swift replies.
One of the main reasons for the post is that I have the so-called manual in front of me and its a wee bit economical with instructions.
No doubt I just bung in the recovery CD and take it from there, doing whatever it says on the screen. But, I'm a little confused about the three partitions and there contents. There is no mention of them in the book that I can find.
Can I format the HD so there are only two patitions, Windows in one, everything else in the other? On top of that, when I have used a Recovery Disc before, everything on it installs regardless of whether it is wanted or not. One item I know of is something to do with movies, can't remember exactly what, but it was time limited which had already expired when she bought the Notebook.

  mad1234 22:01 25 Sep 2006

i have a medion mim2120 & i was quizzing a bloke in a pc shop & he said he could move the partitions so the c drive took up more space & the others were the minimum required.the charge for this was about £20.
i haven't had it done yet myself but it might be something worth thinking of after you restore the laptop back to it's original settings with the recovery disk

  jessej 22:08 25 Sep 2006

Its an idea, seeing as I have Partition Magic maybe that is something I could do myself.

Going back to the bit about installing more RAM, I've never been inside a Notebook so could someone tell me how easy it is please? Again, the manual is very economical with instructions about doing just about anything other than telling you how to switch it on.

  jessej 22:18 25 Sep 2006

Something just occurred to me. I have just remembered that I have XP Pro which I bought sometime ago then never got around to installing it. Could I do a reformat with that instead of using the Recovery Disc? Then she wouldn't be tied down to what Medion say she wants to put on the notebook

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:41 25 Sep 2006

DO NOT adjust partitions or format the drive.

If you mess with the C: drive D: backup or C:recovery you will have to by a new operating system. You will not be able to return the machine to its original condition.

To restore a Medion to factory conditions (as per the day you got it)

Back up any data such as documents or emails and address book first.

1. set the BIOS to boot from CD first (may already be set)

2. boot the machine with the Support CD (NOT Product CD) in the CD drive.

3. Follow the on screen instructions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:46 25 Sep 2006

You need to use the recovery disk to install all the drivers.

Reset to factory condition

use Add/Remove programs to delete any programs you don't want, (such as ez antivirus etc.)

install your own antivirus /firewall etc.

connect to the net to rinstall windows updates.

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