Medion MIM2080 laptop; CMOS battery?

  leecovuk 19:30 24 Nov 2008

Hello anyone who knows about the Medion laptop/notebook MIM2080, which my dad and stepmum have.

Am I right in thinking this has a CMOS battery? We took the laptop apart and saw what looked a bit like one, but it didn't seem to want to be removed. Is it replaceable? Has anyone managed to do this themselves?

(The reason we are interested in the possiblity of there being a CMOS battery, and then it being faulty, is that Windows quite often loses the date and/or time. Changing the CMOS battery, if there is one, seems to be a reasonable and cheap thing to try first).

Thanks a lot,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:20 24 Nov 2008

Yes it will have a CMOS battery.
usually in a small plastic container attached to two thin (red and black) wires

  woodchip 20:24 24 Nov 2008

They vary it could also be soldered in

  leecovuk 20:32 24 Nov 2008

ok, thanks. I'm pretty sure I found it but gently 'tugging' on it didn't seem to make it want to come out. Maybe it is indeed soldered in. I could see its 2 wires going to a tiny nearby terminal.
Where would you suggest taking this laptop to get a new CMOS battery installed? PC World? Which places tend to be best for these kind of jobs?

Thanks again.

  woodchip 20:39 24 Nov 2008

If its two wires then it should come out by pulling or there may be a clip holding it

  leecovuk 20:52 24 Nov 2008

The wires may have been teaseable out of the terminal, but the battery itself didn't seem to want to shift.
Rather than forcing it and possibly causing damage, what kind of shop is good for these kind of jobs? I haven't taken a computer to a repair shop before.

  woodchip 20:53 24 Nov 2008

Laptop Repairs can cost more than the Laptop is Worth

  leecovuk 20:56 24 Nov 2008

oh dear.
I'd need to get a quote. Where do people take their pcs for repair? Do you look up a local dealer and see if he/she does repair jobs as well, or go to a place like PC World?

  woodchip 21:03 24 Nov 2008

Yes thats the best way to go, or take it to a Computer Fair there is normally some one there selling second hand Laptops that could fix it for you. Getting the correct battery may be the problem as you may need number of it and get one on line

  leecovuk 21:09 24 Nov 2008

ok, thanks woodchip.
There is also a problem that the laptop battery has recently stopped charging at all (or so it seems), so that may be a separate job requiring a new battery for that too.
This problem with the time/date has been going on for ages, but now that the laptop battery seems dead too, we're finally looking into it all.

  woodchip 21:14 24 Nov 2008

It may be the adapter thats shot or a wire broke internaly

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