Medion MID2020

  jaffa43 19:46 03 Apr 2008

I am considering upgrading the paltry 256mb of memory in the above mentioned laptop.
I know that there is one free slot under a flap on the base of the laptop and i think the other one is underneath the keyboard.
I understand that each slot will only take memory which adds up to a total of 1024mb,ie 1gig.
The advice i need is ---
Am i right on the location of the second memory slot,under the keyboard.And will each slot only accept a module of 512mb.
I have tried to find info on the net,and even on the official medion site,but all to no avail.If anyone knows the answers i seek i'd be very apreciative.
Thanking every responder in advance.

  The Old Mod 07:13 04 Apr 2008

Hi, can't help a great deal, but you could have a look on the crucial memory site, it will scan your PC and tell you what you've got and what you could have. Hope this helps.
click here

  jaffa43 11:23 04 Apr 2008

The site did help mate in telling me which type of memory i need.Unfortunately it didn't tell me where the second memory slot is located,which i didn't really expect it would have done lol.And as i can find no information at all on the net,even on Medions website,i am guessing that the second slot is underneath the keyboard but i don't really want to start taking it apart if it is located in another area.
If anyone knows the location of the second slot then please get in touch.
Many thanks.

  woodchip 11:35 04 Apr 2008

I have this Laptop I put another 256mb in the spare slot Works OK.

Got it from crucial. the other memory slot is under the plate on the bottom of the Laptop, you can just see the edge of slot one also

  woodchip 11:44 04 Apr 2008

What you need to do is upgrade the Hard Drive to 7200rpm as the one in the computer is a slow 4500rpm I fitted a 60Gb Hitachi. It makes the Laptop a lot faster, as the old hard drive is working all the time as it's that slow

I used Acronis True Image to copy each Partition and then loaded these using Acronis Rescue CD that you can boot with, that I made in the Acronis Program. After Acronis loads to memory you change the cd the the Image file that you created or as I Did use a External drive with all the images on it. As the Laptop will Read DVD's but not Create them it only creates CD's. So if you wanted to put the Images that you create with Acronis on DVD you would have to do it in another computer

  woodchip 11:45 04 Apr 2008

Just to add, It's got Medion on the laptop. But it is made by Mitac

  jaffa43 11:49 04 Apr 2008

So am i right in thinking that the second slot IS under the keyboard ?
Thanks for the hard drive info too Woodchip,and the Acronis proggy i would go down this route but the dvd/cd drive died a few days ago, sigh!
What did i do to deserve a Medion !?!?!?!?!?!?

  woodchip 11:56 04 Apr 2008

No the one under the Keyboard is number 1 slot that as 256mb memory. If I was you, do not take the Laptop apart as it's a nightmare.

The PCMCIA card slot stopped working in mine. I loaned it to daughter so she can write letters etc. the above way that I did it is the best way to go.

You do not need more than 512mb and it's only a Celeron2.2 desktop CPU so you cannot make it into a big game computer.

I now have a HP 510 centrino Laptop With XP Home that as only one Memory slot I changed the 512mb to a 1Gb in that, the drive is a 60gb but only a 5200rpm not as good as the one I put in the Medion

  woodchip 11:56 04 Apr 2008

Did you buy the Laptop from Makro Warehouse

  woodchip 11:58 04 Apr 2008

For the Drive Why not buy a External DVDRW to plug into one of the four USB 2 at the back

  jaffa43 12:07 04 Apr 2008

I was thinking of installing 512mb in each slot,but if it's a nightmare to do then maybe i'll just stick with the 512 in the slot underneath lol.
But th elaptop is sooooo painfully slow especially at boot up (a bit like an asthmatic tortoise),i was expecting it to be quicker for a 2.2gig processor,my son's 1.8 gig laptop is alomst four times faster.
Think i'll stick with memory slot two and a usb2 external drive.
Thanks for the help woodchip,much appreciated.
Thread resolved.

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