Medion laptop wont boot up- What do i do?

  bob dob 17:56 28 Aug 2011

Help. My faithful 4 year old Medion MIM2230 laptop will not start up. I recently turned it off, opened the laptop and all i got was the two or three red lights on the front left but it wouldn't boot up. Normally i have to wait for 20 seconds or so then one of the lights turns blue and and then it starts up ok. Today, unfortunately, there isn't even a red light on the front and wont start up at all!

Now my main laptop is a Medion akoya that is a year old, i tried the power lead from that in my old Medion and there was still no power whatsoever.

Please can anyone tell me what to do?

  bob dob 17:57 28 Aug 2011

Ps- should the power lead from the new one work in the old one?

  birdface 18:11 28 Aug 2011

Try it with the battery removed and just use the power lead.

Or remove the battery and the power lead and hold down the start button for 20 seconds then install the power lead again and battery and see if it starts.

  bob dob 18:25 28 Aug 2011

Hello, ok i have done that and nothing. I even tried the old laptop charger in my new Medion and it works fine. What do you think the problem could be please?

  finerty 18:44 28 Aug 2011

have you the driver disc for your old laptop

if so insert into your new laptop and look for the manual should be in pdf.

when u find it find out what the red lights mean and there might be a solution why it may not boot.

Also try taking out the battery and disconnect power cord. The press the power button on the laptop for a bout a minute, then insert the battery and the power cord and see if runs.

  bob dob 19:13 28 Aug 2011

Thank you for that. Ok, no driver disc im afraid. Well unfortunately i cannot be sure which red lights lit up anyway, there are 6 all in all.

Thatnk you for the advice about taking the battery out etc, i have tried that but still no luck!

  finerty 19:20 28 Aug 2011

bob you may have a load of dust accumulated over the last for years hence thats why it may not boot. If you can ground yourself having anti static wrist gizmo and opening the laptop and try cleaning out the fan

Look in youtube on how to do this

  bob dob 20:50 28 Aug 2011

So if the fan was full of dust, this would stop the laptop from booting up? 06:53 29 Aug 2011

There are 3 major stages for a computer to work: 1 power on, 2 POST 3 boot to the OS

When you said no startup, sometimes sounds like no screen display but power is there. Next you said you tried th power lead from the other laptop and still no power, so is that just the LEDs turned on on your laptop and the computer shows no display screen, right?

If this is the situation, we call the laptop gets power but no POST.

More details can help us better assist you.

Cheers! Bill

  bob dob 07:52 29 Aug 2011

Hi Bill, thank you for your help, that is xtremely kind of you.

What i meant was that even with the other power leade there is still no LED light, no sound (as if it starts up)- quite simply nothing at all.

What on earth can i do?

  bob dob 13:30 29 Aug 2011

Hello, anyone?

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