medion laptop - please help

  xleanne19x 00:39 12 Oct 2007

i never had problems with my laptop before but one night i left it on and the next day when i came to use it a blue screen appeared asking boot sequence i think that dissapeared and now it starts up but just stays on a blank screen with a flashing dash (-) in the top left corner i need help!!!thanks

  birdface 00:51 12 Oct 2007

Have you tried last good configuration in safe mode.[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts] and use the up down arrows on the keyboard to get to last good configuration.And press enter. See if that works.

  davidh50 01:01 12 Oct 2007

Is there a CD or DVD in the drive.

  xleanne19x 09:25 16 Oct 2007

theres no cdc or dvd in the drive as you have to plug in a seperate box for cd's etc! and when i turned the laptop on i kept pressing f8 but nothing seemed to happen!

  jack 09:32 16 Oct 2007

What operating system is[was] it please?

  birdface 09:42 16 Oct 2007

Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts keeping your finger pressed on it will not work.

  xleanne19x 12:03 16 Oct 2007

ok ill try that and jack im not sure not really good with that stuff

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