Medion E3300 (Aldi) CPU speed issue

  goldmemb3r 17:25 18 Feb 2009

I got a Medion E3300 PC from Aldi beginning of this month. The CPU should be at 2.7GHz, but it is not. I've already changed the windows vista "power plan" which results in about 2.3GHz. By the way, I check it with cpu-z. What I noticed is that the specs for this CPU (AMD 7750 Black) say that the FSB should be at 200 and that with the multiplier of 13.5 should lead to 2.7GHz. However when I check with cpu-z, the FSB is at about 170, resulting in the 2.3GHz. What do I do? Do I need to open it up and change some jumpers? I have looked in the BIOS setup, but couldn't find anything to change the FSB. I also have AMD OverDrive to check the CPU's stats which gives the same results as cpu-z.
Any suggestions out there?

  brundle 17:31 18 Feb 2009

Not all that familiar with AMD chips lately but if you have CoolnQuiet enabled the CPU may be slowing down when there's little for it to do.

click here

I think you'll find settings for it in the BIOS.

  goldmemb3r 19:56 18 Feb 2009

Nope, that's not it. Can't change that in BIOS. Also when I have both CPU cores at 100% use, they are still at 2.3GHz. I'm sure it has something to do with the bus speed...

  Alan-Petrie 20:52 18 Feb 2009

you just need to up the bus speed to 200mhz the motherboards website might have information on how to do this.

  fireinureeyes 02:44 25 Feb 2009

i bought this pc and have the same problem, the only program i found that shows the true processor speed is the AMD power monitor utility which shows it as 2700mhz, but cpu-z ,everest, cpuid and many other programs show the cpu speed as 2.3ghz and fsb about 170,so i dont know if the programs are reading the wrong speed or if the pc is underclocked,i rang medion and they werent much help just saying that the pc should be running at the correct speed and that they did nothing to reduce the clock speed, but i suggest ringing them and seeing what they have to say about this, there must be some explanation,it would be pointless to be diagnosing a non existent problem if the programs arent getting a correct reading, but it would be a shame if the pc wasnt running at the speed it could run at,its one or the other but there must be a reason, message me back when you find out anything from medion or message me if u need ot know more

  goldmemb3r 08:28 25 Feb 2009

Cheers for your response. Well, at least I'm not the only one! I have thought about ringing medion, but haven't yet. I have managed to overclock the cpu though with AMD overdrive, but the bus speed remaind at 170. I can get a stable system when I put the multiplier at 17.5, which results in a clock speed of 2966MHz. Only problem is when resume from suspend, the clock goed back to 2288MHz. So I have to start overdrive again, not very convenient. I tried the MSI website as well, the motherboard manufacturer, and found a few BIOS updates and manuals. When I look in the manual, the BIOS setup screen has additional options in it which are not shown by the current BIOS. I guess medion have put in their own custom BIOS. I haven't tried to flash the BIOS yet, bit scared to do so in case I f*** it up. I may try phoning medion tomorrow and see what they say to me. If I get any sense I will post it on here.

  fireinureeyes 09:41 25 Feb 2009

well it seems that we have both followed the same actions relating to this problem.I too overclocked with overdrive and 17.5 to 18.5 is the max overclock i got, but it makes u think,are we overclocking it to 3.6 to 3.7ghz as this is what the AMD power monitor shows ( found here click here ),or is it about 3ghz as all the other programs show,i flashed my bios with a bios update from medion named "Bios Update MS 7501 PCB 3.1" but this maked no difference, to be honest the options in the bios are sh*t and i can only hope that because medion locked out all the options in the bios that this is affecting these cpu programs from displaying the true cpu clock speed,what i am trying to do is benchmark the cpu and see is the result similar to other amd 7750's but because it is a new processor i cant find similar results to compare with to see is it really clocking 2.7ghz.Ring medion,explain the problem,say u know of a similar problem,and try and get some assurance that we are getting 2.7ghz lol,if you cant i will ring them back up and one way or another we will get our 2.7ghz :P

  goldmemb3r 11:03 28 Feb 2009

Spoke to medion. One of the things they said is that apparently there's a special key combination to access the "missing" options in the BIOS, but they don't know it! It's only know at HQ in Germany and they won't tell!! Ha, ha, ridiculous! Anyway, there's a BIOS update on the website. Follow that and the FSB will be on 200MHz. You may have sme problems with the display adapter after this, so you will need to restart again. But so far the cpu has been running at it's factory specs of 2.7Ghz. Great success! (<-- like Borat! ;-))

  fireinureeyes 21:42 28 Feb 2009

that is absolutely fantastic, my faith is restored in medion now lol, thanks for your help

  topcattroy 22:51 10 Apr 2009

found a way to hidden bios.

Step1 :Press F11 at starting your computer
Step2 :Type the password its "am8888egh"
Step3 :Press Enter
When you pressed enter it looks like nothing happens, if the stars disappear you made a typing mistake. Remember if you have an azerty layout keyboard you need to type "q,8888egh" (credits goto poelyke123 (funny guys those belgians btw Laughing ))
Step 4 :Then finally press (left) ctrl+alt+powerbutton. (press and release) if you hold it to long your system will power down.

You should get the hidden bios after that if not you made a mistake.

I have messed around a little bit with this but
i have only been able to lower the clock speed.

good luck and post back if you find anything

  Nick-1358378 19:38 10 Jun 2009

I bought this PC, and have also noticed CPU speed running at 2.3GHz. Did try downloading the BIOS update from, however when installed I merely get that it's not compatible with my OS, even though it's running off of the Vista it was shipped with. Is there a solution to this? Many thanks.

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