Medion Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

  kentylad 14:32 05 Apr 2004

Ok, I had a discussion last week in the Consumer Watch forum regarding the possible options for a cordless keyboard package without the mouse. It was put to my attention that Aldi were selling a wireless keyboard and mouse package for £20 (which considering it was so cheap did not worry me). So, off I trekked to Aldi and purchased the package, along with a PS/2-USB coverter (due to no PS/2 ports on my laptop).

Now, the keyboard seems to be working fine in terms of the main keys (Qwerty), however there seems to be no functionality for the Hotkeys. I have installed the software, which will allow me to change the settings for the hotkeys (all set at default as it stands).

The receiver seems to recognise a signal sent by the keyboard as it flashes. The LED on the receiver seems (also) to be permanently red/orange. I do not have the mouse in operation nor do I have the mouse PS/2 from the receiver plugged into the adapter.

Can someone suggest what might be my problem wih the Hotkeys?

Kind Regards

  TomJerry 14:39 05 Apr 2004

yes, you should connect both PS2 connectors. I bought one myself and they are restes on the shelf because they are so ugly.

  kentylad 15:10 05 Apr 2004

I have connected both PS/2 connectors but still the hotkeys will not work. I have also tried using the medion mouse (although I don't want to) to see whether this would make any difference. Is this likely to be a manufacturing fault or more software based? After all, the signal 'seems' to be picked up by the receiver?

  daxian 15:49 05 Apr 2004

hi kentylad....
the hotkeys are by default meant to operate your word \email \sound properties..
if you dont have office ,or setup the email proggy \sound\player to work with the keys then they wont work !!!!

I have just purchased the Medion Titanium 8083 PC from Aldi. Guess what? - the cordless mouse does not work! It will scroll the cursor vertically, but not left-to-right. To be fair, Medion say that they will replace it, provided I return the Keyboard and Mouse to them. Luckily, this is not my first PC, as they say it can take up to 3 weeks for me to obtain a replacement. I am now using my old, Logitech cordless Keyboard and Mouse.
The Medion Titanium seems to be a nifty PC, but is let down by the sketchy User Manual. For example, It has PowerCinema 2 and Nero Express pre-installed. At first I was quite excited by this, until I discovered that:

a) I cannot instantly record Digital TV programs
b) I do not seem to be able to record straight to a DVD+RW disc

Apparently, the TV Tuner card (manufactured by Philips) can only handle Analogue signals. I got round this problem by adding a Scart / Composite cable. Also, when I attempt to record a program, I have to first record it on my hard-drive, then use Nero Express to drop to to a DVD. One hour later, Nero informs me that it cannot write to a DVD+RW as it doesn't recognise this type of disc.

I suspect that this might be a Windows XP problem, but am not really sure (if I have no disc in drive G, XP correctly defines it as a DVD RW drive: IF I insert an unformatted DVD RW disc, My Computer defines it as a DVD ROM with a file system of CDFS. As a complete novice in the PC Media Centre field, I am flummoxed!

If anyone out there can direct me to a Tutorial site that can guide me through the facilities on this machine I will be forever in their debt!

  Stuartli 16:57 05 Apr 2004

Have you checked that you are using Channel 1 with Channel 1 and Channel 2 with Channel 2? There should be a switch on both the keyboard and the mouse plus appropriate switches on the transmitter/receiver.

The BotKeys can be programmed to do as you require by clicking on the icon on the Task Bar - in my case it's WheelWorks 3D V7.37.

I've used my Typhoon Navigator wireless keyboard and mouse with both Windows 98SE and XP Pro and both work as they should.

  igr 17:51 05 Apr 2004

I bought the same package and binned the mouse because I have the logitech MX 700 cordless mouse. I suggest you reinstall the software that came with the package as the communication between keyboard and computer is obviously working, but probably the default drivers are still taking precedent. make sure you check the correct options.

PS Do you get the keyboard symbol on the system tray? If so double click and set up the required parameters by pointing at the appropriate key and setting the function you wish for each key. Its menu driven but needs to be set

  kentylad 22:41 05 Apr 2004

I think this is the only feasible option and if this fails, then rturn the keyboard. I do indeed have the keyboard symbol in my system tray, and it does let me configure the settings (although they appear to make no difference)

Shall try removing the keyboard and re-installing

  DerekR 22:54 05 Apr 2004

This site will have the answer to all your questions (somewhere) ! click here

  kentylad 22:56 05 Apr 2004

eeeerrrrmmmm perhaps not....

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