Medion 98200 laptop

  anniesboy68 16:15 21 Aug 2007

I have the above laptop, and all the "blurb" says I should recieve TV. However, despite connecting the DVB-T [34mm] Express card supplied, and the small aerial, I cannot get any stations. Not even with my freeview aerial supplying the household.!!! What am I doing wrong on this and I am using the Media centre to scan etc. I am on Vista by the way

  woodchip 16:29 21 Aug 2007

Have you tried the keyboard buttons
fn in blue along with the little antenna button

  anniesboy68 16:48 21 Aug 2007

No, don't seem to have that facility. I have the Fn key of course

  woodchip 16:53 21 Aug 2007

other buttons should be at the top. I have a three year old Medion Laptop that only as a 2.2 Gb Celeron CPU but it does all that I want. I did increase Memory from 256Mb to 512Mb and upgraded the Hard Drive from a Slow 30Gb drive to a fast 60Gb one but check all the blue buttons along with fn to see what they do

  anniesboy68 17:10 21 Aug 2007

No, sorry, woodchip. I have no blue buttons[keys] All the functions to be used with the Fn key are clearly marked with the function in a small rectangle. I have just checked with device manager and the express card is registered ok and the latest driver installed. This is very strange. Seems strange that the outdoor aerial never picked antthing up also. Reckon I might go to Medion on this, although its not that important, just thought I would "have a look see" so to speak.

  woodchip 21:43 21 Aug 2007

If it's still under warranty, You should check with Medion Help line first

  anniesboy68 14:26 22 Aug 2007

Yes, have done, but of course their reply is check FAQs etc first, which doesn't help on this occasion. Ta for your input anyway. AB68

  mad1234 14:40 22 Aug 2007

look above the keyboard in the middle before you reach the screen. there should be some buttons. press the one with the antenna on it & the antenna light should come on

  anniesboy68 15:01 22 Aug 2007

I have 5 buttons there....One with a triangle which brings in power DVD or media player two..... WLA on/off three... power button four and five are programable user buttons. No antenna button!!

  mad1234 15:16 22 Aug 2007

have you tried button two? i think this may be it

  anniesboy68 15:27 22 Aug 2007

Thats for wireless on/off. Nothing in the manual re buttons for TV reception either. Just waiting for Medion to come back now. As I said in an earlier posting this is not too important, just wanted to see if it did work.

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