MediaStudio Pro - Cover Disc

  Newuser939 15:46 10 Dec 2005

As I do a certain amount of video editing, I was keen to try Media Studio Pro on the latest cover disc. I installed it and downloaded the latest update patch from Ulead. However, on trying to run the program I simply got an error message saying "Entry Point Not Found" with a further reference to the dynamic link library ufctxeff.dll. Has anybody else had this problem and if so, what is the solution?
Paul Taylor

  hermione_uk2002 18:41 11 Dec 2005

I have tried to install, (and uninstall and re-install) the cover disk version and every time i go to run the application it comes up with the windows message box of "This program needs to close etc etc, send report/don;t send report" then tells me i have a read memory error. Any suggestions?

Katie Hall

  Totally-braindead 21:21 15 Dec 2005

look at this thread could this be it click here

  hermione_uk2002 19:13 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for the tip but the problem I'm experienceingis different - i can't even open media studio inthe first place - that is when the error message appears.

  woodchip 19:33 16 Dec 2005

See if it will run in 98se mode,

  rmrender 10:01 17 Dec 2005

I am trying to use the cover disc of Media Studio Pro 7 VE to edit some MPEG2 files I have on my hard drive.
I had no problems installing and running the cover disc software, but there are no video editor options for MPEG2 files, only for MPEG1
I tried to update to Version 7.3 to see if this would introduce an MPEG2 edit option, but the down load from the Ulead site stopped the program from running and introduced the "Entry point not found" error message reported by Newuser939. Probably the Ulead update is for the full version of MSP 7 rather than the VE version suplied on the cover disc.
Anyone know whether I can edit MPEG2 videos with the MSP 7.0 VE coverdisc version?

  Newuser939 11:12 17 Dec 2005

I am pretty sure that this version will not edit MPEG2 files, and it follows that you will not be able to produce video files in a form to put onto DVD without using a seperate program. By modern standards this program is of limited value.

  rmrender 09:21 18 Dec 2005

Thanks very much for the info.
There are still suppliers selling Media Studio Pro 7 VE, and according to their specifications this software edits MPEG2 files. I guess the cover disc software should be described as a Full(but not quite as full as the real full)Version.
I haven't installed any cover disc software for some time as it is always proves to be out of date or limited compared to the true retail package.I think I will return to this approach!

  harrier126 13:15 13 Jan 2006

After installing the program i get the same message as newuser. Iam running XP is media7 a 98 version. If not can you advise me on how to get it to run

  RickyC :-) 13:38 13 Jan 2006


I've brought this thread to the attention of Ulead, and am awaiting a response. Will post any news on this as soon as it's received.

kind regards
CD Editor

  woodchip 13:41 13 Jan 2006

You should after loading it to your Hard Drive, Right Click on the Program.exe file then choose RUN in COMPATIBILITY mode, and select Win98

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