MEDIAN Titanium MD8083 IDE setup

  Dragon Heart 23:05 28 May 2004

The system has a HD, DVD-ROM and a DVD-RW with one free IDE connector. Does anyone know if the IDE system is 'cable select' or do I need to set any additional hard drive I add to 'slave' ?

  Simon_P 01:50 29 May 2004

HDD 1 Master
HDD 2 Slave

DVD-ROM master
DVD-RW slave
(some RW drives prefer being master so you could try either setup)


DVD-RW Master

Having a HDD and optical drive on same IDE bus is not recomended, although it may not cause any problems these days depending on your system.

I would go for master/slave rather than cable select

  Dragon Heart 00:05 30 May 2004

...... the problem is the original set up is as follows :-

HDD and DVD-RW on IDE 0

free cable connection and DVD-ROM on IDE 1

Now as it's a Ultra ATA system is should be 'cable select' but when I set up the second HDD for this the DVD-RW disappears and the new HDD can not be formatted.

Does not make sense ?

  woodchip 00:12 30 May 2004

Only whay is take the cover of the left side of comp and look at the ribbon cables the one with a free connector on the cable will then take your new drive and set it to slave. I would think that the Hard drive will be on it's own set as master on EIDE 1

  woodchip 00:15 30 May 2004

PS forget Cable select it's a rubbish bit to use. Ether use Master or Slave I would say Slave

  Dragon Heart 00:52 30 May 2004

No already checked ! Master HDD is on IDE 0 with DVD-RW.

Personally never had any problems with Cable select (until now). I have fitted a few drives for myself, friends and relatives over the years (even a 20 Mb one into an Amiga 1200) but never had these sort of problems. Frustrating isn't it ?

Give your suggestion a try tomorrow, thanks for your help !

  rickf 09:39 30 May 2004

I agree with woodchip. That is the normal setup. I never use CS. JUst either master or slave.

  Dragon Heart 23:15 31 May 2004

............ set drive to slave and it worked first time ! (When you have to remove the jumper completely why don't they have a couple of pins spare to 'park' it so it does not get lost ?)

Cable select must be a bit like Plug & Play great in theory but not always so good in practice.

Thanks for your help folks !

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