Media Player10 playback problem

  corc2 11:41 16 Apr 2005

MP10 has started behaving strangely. Whenever I choose an audio file (in any format) to play, the progress (seek) bar starts to move but no sound is heard. However, if I drag the bar back to the beginning the file plays. Also, when I click the next button the same happens. The only change I have made before this started happening is upgrade to Office XP from Office 2000. Anyone have an idea whats happened? Thanks in advance.
Athlon XP2.4; XP Home SP2; 1GB RAM; MP10.00.00.3646

  spuds 12:13 16 Apr 2005

I converted from Media Player 9 to 10 and began to experience all sort of problems. Tried various solutions without much success, then decided to removed all traces of Media Player 9 and 10 from the system and do a complete new re-install. Everything as now returned to normality, and it is working fine again.So perhaps a re-install is required!.

  Jak_1 13:36 16 Apr 2005

I converted some time ago with no problems. I know this sounds stupid but have you checked the volume control by clicking on the icon in the systray?

I am using XP-Home, AMD Athlon 64 bit chip with 512MB DDR Ram.

  corc2 14:10 16 Apr 2005

Thanks for the replies. The volume setting is ok. Can you re-install over the existing copy or do you have to remove MP10 first?

  Jak_1 14:43 16 Apr 2005

Suggest removing all traces first. Then download afresh.

  spuds 17:35 16 Apr 2005

You can install 10 over 9, but having the problems that I had, and finding my solution,I would remove both 9 and 10 completely, then re-install as new set-up.

  corc2 15:50 18 Apr 2005

Well I tried re-installing MP10 over itself but it didn't cure the problem. Finally I found a link click here and rolled back to MP9. The playback of audio problem I had has disappeared. Thanks again for the advice

  corc2 16:01 18 Apr 2005

I think the link above may be wrong. vSorry.
Go to add/remove programmes

Check the show changes box

Scroll down to Win MP10, highlight it then choose roll back to previous version.

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