Media Player Video Settings

  Jakey boy 20:28 15 May 2004

Can anyone tell me how to save the video settings (ie: brightness/contrast etc) in windows media player? Version is 9.0, OS is ME. I don't mind but when I watch a video through Yahoo Launch or any other online service, I can't adjust the brightness etc.....HELP!!!

  scooby43 20:37 15 May 2004

are u meaning DVD movies if so try windvd or power dvd

  Jakey boy 20:40 15 May 2004

Video files and streaming stuff etc.

  scooby43 20:43 15 May 2004
  Jakey boy 20:50 15 May 2004

I think you're missing the point here. I want to know how to save the settings, (eg: after I have adjusted them in WMP) to my preference. For instance, when I play a music video in WMP, the picture is far too dark. I can alter the brightness, but when I exit, I want the settings saved, and I want to keep them that way, as when I view streaming videos, like movie trailers etc, I can't adjust the settings as I would when running the player from my desktop.

  scooby43 12:51 27 May 2004

sorry I misunderstood, I havent used winamp.

  Jakey boy 13:44 27 May 2004

Who mentioned Winamp???? See this thread for more details click here

  mikejonesuk 01:31 24 Sep 2005

Why do the video-settings adjustments that I make in the Player go back to default values when I play a new video?

Windows Media Player doesn't retain video-settings adjustments between video playback sessions because non-default settings may not work for all videos. For example, if your video is too dark and you increase the brightness, the next video you play may be hard to see at that brightness setting. You may need to adjust the video settings for each video that you play.

If your settings appear to be consistently maladjusted (for example, all of your videos are too dark), try adjusting overlay or color values for your video card instead. To access video-card properties, do the following:
In Control Panel, open Display.
In the Display Properties dialog box, on the Settings tab, click the Advanced button.
Adjust properties for your video card by reviewing the documentation that came with your hardware.

  mikejonesuk 01:41 24 Sep 2005

I have a similar problem to Jakey Boy.

I have recently been given a second hand 19" monitor that I watch videos on.
The monitor runs a little dark - even when I manually adjust it to maximum brightness.
I can use the Display Properties menu for my graphics card to adjust the screen in general, but Windows Media Player 10 still plays video too dark. I use the Video Settings sliders each time to increase the brightness, but I have to do it every time I play a video - which is annoying.
Does anyone know of a plug-in or patch or anything that will let me save the setting so I don't have to adjust it each time?

  mikejonesuk 02:02 24 Sep 2005

I used the Overlay options in my video card properties menu. Overlay apparently affects video and DVD played on the computer. Before I'd been using Video Settings in WMP which resets every time, amd Colour Correction on my video card menu, which affects the screen but not video.

If you have an Overlay option in your graphic card menus, Jakey Boy, use that. (You will need to experiment to get the brightness you want- I have mine set to 150%.)

  Jakey boy 05:50 24 Sep 2005

Many thanks mikejonesuk, you've solved my problem too! Amazing after all this time! I had used the graphics card settings before, but had only managed to alter the desktop settings. The overlay options have done the trick. Many thanks again, and thank god for PCA!!

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