Media Player Using 84% CPU!

  SDJ 11:08 05 Jan 2003
  SDJ 11:08 05 Jan 2003

Does this sound right?

Using Athlon 1Ghz and 1gb Sdram.
Media Player 9 and XP Home

  howard60 11:32 05 Jan 2003

to be working correctly what is your problem? I never look at things like this unless things stop working. Dont look for trouble there is enough about that will get you eventually.

  SDJ 11:39 05 Jan 2003

My media player is using so much resources that I cant do anything else at the same time.
Please see my other thread: click here
It seems that for some reason even after I colse things down they dont always close in the task managerand its making my machine very slow!

  so3003 11:58 05 Jan 2003

I've found that in Kazaalite the resource usage is fine when you first start it, but with each song you play it gradually increases (ie for some reason it seems to be keeping all played music in ram instead of using the same area only for what's playing at that time)

The remedy for this is simply to close the program and reopen it again when you get problems.

Any help?


  SDJ 12:15 05 Jan 2003

I think I have sorted it, the 3d screen saver was in the processes and using all the resources even though the screen saver wasnt running. So I ended the process, the result.... the screensaver still works fine and doesnt appear in the processes anymore and therefore the cpu usage is fine.
I was put off by media player as I was copying a cd to the HDD and this was the first thing I noticed in the task manager, when it was really the screensaver that was using all of the cpu.

I dont know if anyone can comment further on this but seeing as it seems to work fine now im sure it wont give rise to.

OK so I didnt specify in my first post that my machine was running slow but as I made the post one would imagine that I had a real need to investigate, do people really look at task manager just to see how much of their cpu is being used.
No offence Howard60 but your post was really not very helpful, If I didnt specify that my pc was being slow it might have been an idea to ask instead of assuming that I was just freaking out because the little box was filled with green!

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