Media player song titles are blue (well some are)

  chocolatejo987 21:40 30 Dec 2008

I am trying to save my Aunt's laptop from Morpheus virus hell. I want to reset it to factory settings so am trying to copy all files to a memory stick.

Some of my cousins music files are written in blue, rather than the usual black (I would say a random 10% seem to be blue).

Should I not copy these over? Any ideas why they are blue? They seem to play OK.

  chocolatejo987 21:42 30 Dec 2008

I have just been told it is because they are compressed files. I am presuming they are just as safe as others?

  rdave13 22:17 30 Dec 2008

Oops. Using peer to peer to get music will get you more than you bargained for.
Personally I would not touch any of the music files as they might contain malware. Most of them won't, however, regardless of the colour of the files, some will.

  AL47 23:40 30 Dec 2008

can always scan the stick once youve sorted the laptop

  rdave13 01:07 31 Dec 2008

Obviously you can scan all the by one.

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