Media Player / Ripping quest

  Furkin 12:14 11 Dec 2008

I've just ripped a CD of sixties stuff using media player.

Ripped o.k,,,, BUT:

1/ It tends to save them in alphabetical order instead of run order.
At the moment I've renamed the tracks,,,, but added a number for track positions. Can I get over this ?
2/ All the track titles also had the album name in it,,,,, I had to rename all tracks - deleting this as I go. I 'think' I found how to stop that. All I want is Title & performer / performer & title.
3/ When renaming tracks, if i leave off the .mp3 ext it says may not play properly. Is it essential to leave the ext on track names ? It already comes up in the type column etc.

thanks for reading this

  canarieslover 13:36 11 Dec 2008

Media Player, Tools, Rip tab, File Name box, make certain track number is ticked. This will then save your tracks numbered and in the same order as on the disk. It's not Media Player that sorts them alphabetcally, but Windows Explorer. You can tick anything else that you want included in the file name while you are in that screen.

  Furkin 13:03 12 Dec 2008

Yep - as you say canarieslover,,,, the listing on Media Player are perfect.
I have my old hdd as D\ and have folder: "New Music Library" on it. I point my Rippings to that folder.
1/ Is there a better way to do this ? Tis my first go at saving stuff.

2/ In M.P: Lots of them come up with VARIOUS ARTISTS instead of CD Title &/or No Artwork. I was looking around it yesterday & saw that I should be able to download Artwork / details etc when connected. I am on BB and perm connected,,, but no art / details appear.

Obviously not sure that i'm doing things right in the first place - feel free to b******k me !!

Any ideas please ?

  canarieslover 13:53 12 Dec 2008

Depends how the tags are written. Many do not include the artists name with compilation CD's and just put Various Artists in that field. personally I never bother with the artwork as I have the original anyway. I only rip music for my mp3 player and when I'm using that I don't have the time to watch the screen.

  Furkin 14:01 12 Dec 2008

Thanks for that.
I'm putting all my CDs onto puter in mp3 format. My new car radio will play USB /SD cards etc,,,, so i'll want to look up titles, artists etc to add/change for the next SD card / usb etc.

Artwork - I can live without also,,,, (only added that cos I just saw that it can be done !?)but it would be nice to save 'em all where I can find 'em later on - in alphabetical order - Album &/or Title.

Thanks for your help.

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