Media Player Interupption When Scrolling

  sophie68 13:04 22 Jul 2006

Is it ok to ask another quiestion ? Whenever i use media player, the songs are interrupted whenever i scroll the mouse. It means that i cant do other things on the computer while im listening to tunes. Any advise would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

  Chris147 13:58 22 Jul 2006

Hi Sophie.

What spec is your PC?


  sophie68 14:02 22 Jul 2006

What is spec ? Sorry, can you be more specific as im not that clever with jargon, sorry

  Chris147 14:10 22 Jul 2006

No problem.

How old is the computer?
Go to the My Computer icon and right-click on it, then go to Properties. On the General Tab you should see what type of processor is installed and how much RAM there is - if you can find them, let me know.
Also, do have an Internet Security suite installed? (Firewall, Antivirus etc).


  sophie68 14:17 22 Jul 2006

Thanks for your support Chris, the infomation says Windows XP Home, service pack 2, Intel Celeron 1300MHz, 1.30 GHz, 248mb ram. I think its about 5 years old. My husband left it after our divorce so ive just started using it myself. Thats why im not clued up with it ! Anyway, ive also got windows firewall, ad-aware, AVG, ewido and spybot s&d. They are all the free version.

  Chris147 14:26 22 Jul 2006


The PC is more than good enough to play media files and scroll at the same time. It is a little low on RAM though.
All security software hogs RAM, and this could be the cause of your problem. As long as you're not online, try turning these programs off (usually you right-click on the icon in the System Tray - bottom right of screen - and click on disable) and see if the problem goes away.
You should also minimize the number of programs that run at Start-Up - note down the programs that are in your Start-Up folder (Start, All Programs, Start-UP) and let me know what's there.


  sophie68 14:32 22 Jul 2006

I only have media player playing right now, and im on this forum at the same time. Nothing else at all. The place where the time is at the bottom of the screen has the pictures for firewall, avg, ewido and the monitor so i presume theyre all active. The start up folder says empty. Is there another way to find out about what starts up ?

  Chris147 14:33 22 Jul 2006

Sorry Sophie, I've got to go out for half an hour. I'll return to this post as soon as I get back.
Meanwhile, you need to uninstall ad-aware and ewido - look for uninstall options on the Start Menu (eg: Start, All Programs, Ad-Aware). If there isn't an option to uninstall, go to the Control Panel (Start, Control Panel) and select Add/Remove Programs and uninstall them from there.

Back soon,


  Chris147 15:03 22 Jul 2006

Sorry about that.

You only need Windows Firewall, AVG and Spybot on your PC. Since you're using Media Player whilst on the net, the above programs are constantly scanning the pages you visit - which slows things down considerably. Consequently, when you try to scroll down a page, Media Player gets 'interrupted'.

The other two programs are adding to the problem with really adding any more security (indeed, they may conflict with each other and make matters worse).


  Chris147 15:08 22 Jul 2006

I don't beleive this!

It's now thundering outside - need to turn PC off.

Back asap,


  sophie68 15:12 22 Jul 2006

Thanks for getting back to me Chris. Ive unistalled the 2 programs, ewido and adaware but its still being interrupted while im scrolling. What else can i do ?

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