Media Player gives incorrect album details

  Channel 17:46 22 Jan 2012

I have Windows 7 on a fairly new Acer laptop.I've ripped a CD with 15 tracks and WMP named it as a different album entirely, with a similar cover.I managed to manually find the album title,so it shows the correct cover.But the track details are for the original one. On searching, the description says it has no tracks at all yet persists in naming tracks for another CD.When I try to change them, the cover, and name, reverts to the wrong one again.I've tried to follow the MS help instructions, but they change nothing.Should I give up and install another player-and will it locate the correct details for me ?

  onionskin 01:03 23 Jan 2012

As ever with Windows, there's more than one way to skin a cat. With Media Player, you have to experiment a bit to find the one you prefer.

This works best for me - In Tools/ Options / Library Tab, tick the 'only add missing information' option. (or find it under Library/ More Options/ Library Tab).

In Rip Options/ Rip CD Automatically When Inserted/ choose 'Never'.

Open the Rip Page in Media Player, stick your CD in and if it finds the correct details, click Rip and you're finished. If the track, artist and/or album information is incorrect I edit them here, then click Rip. When the CD is ripped, go to the Library/ Recently Added view and add/ correct composer details, Paste Album cover art, Correct Title/Year and Genre if necessary.

I right click the Album Picture, click Open File Location and check that all is in Order.

I try to avoid the Advanced Tag Editor, but it's another way to do it, Just rip the CD, then in Library View, right click on the 1st track, select Advanced Tag Editor and try and search for the correct details or add them yourself.

NEVER click 'Update Album Information', especially if making a compilation album, it should be called 'Undo Everything I've Just Spent the Last Hour Doing'.

  Channel 18:37 23 Jan 2012

Thank you. Your suggestions were very helpful , though it seems your version of WMP is different from mine-there is no "Recently added" view in the Library,nor indeed, a Tools menu.I accessed Options from Organise. There was no mention of Tag editor either. I've managed to edit the track details by right clicking them and clicking edit, and entering them manually, and ripped another CD by checking its details first, as you suggested. So now all is well,(I hope.! )

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