Media Player 9 won't start

  roystontyke 00:31 25 Apr 2004

When I click Media Player or try to open a file I cannot get Media player to run.
I've ried re-loading it to no avail.

Real Audio player works OK and so does QT player so my sound and music files are OK.

Can anyone help please. I'm running XP Pro.

  ade.h 01:01 25 Apr 2004

As you've tried re-installing it, I can tell you're not using version 9.0 which is locked in once installed. Try upgrading to 9.0 click here

Or, if that's too drastic, open the Run command box and type sfc /scannow (including the space). That will check the system files and replace any that are corrupted or overwritten incorrectly.

  ade.h 00:24 26 Apr 2004

Just wondered if you'd managed to cure it yet. Let us know if you still need input.


  Stuartli 09:15 26 Apr 2004

Probably because your earlier reply contradicts itself re the version number..:-)


Latest version, by the way, is WMP9b and you must download the XP version and not the 98SE, ME and 2000 equivalent:

click here

  roystontyke 11:03 26 Apr 2004

Thanks all,
I'll double check and upgrage to the latest version from Microsoft.
I'll also try the run ... scannow suggestion.

  ade.h 20:30 26 Apr 2004

Sorry if that seems self-contradictory.

I said it looks like he does not have the latest version (despite the thread title) because I have been told that v9.0 cannot be uninstalled. Therefore if roystontyke has removed and re-installed it, it may not be v9.0. As far as I can tell v9.0 is not in the Add/Remove list. If he does have v9.0 and has found a way to remove it, I'll happily stand corrected.

  ade.h 20:36 26 Apr 2004

Had a look at the readme file on your link Stuartli, and it does mention the option to remove via Add/Remove Programs, but WMP is not listed in mine; does that mean it's not installed properly? It functions OK.

When I dowloaded it last year, the info said it couldn't be reverted to a previous version once installed. I'm confused as to whether it's possible should the need arise.

  Stuartli 13:55 27 Apr 2004

The ReadMe file clearly indicates that you can remove WMP9 by using System Restore and that a previous version of the player will be restored.

It adds that any CD tracks on the HDD will be retained and that the older version of the player can reproduce them.

To find out what version of WMP you have installed, go to Help on the ToolBar and then open About Windows Media Player.

Mine, for instance, is

  Stuartli 14:02 27 Apr 2004

If you install (or reinstall) WMP9 create a System Restore point before doing so and then you can uninstall it if necessary.

  Xevious 14:06 27 Apr 2004

to settle the arguement, roystontyke said "I've ried re-loading it to no avail" - no mention of un-installing it first. maybe he simply tried running the installation over itself?

  roystontyke 13:06 28 Apr 2004

Thanks for the replies. I've been working away all week so haven't been able to check anything yet.
A little chronology-
* I had Media Player 8.
* Upgraded to 9 about 6-8 weeks ago.
* Suddenly stopped working last week.
* Re-installed Ver 9 (I ran the installation over itself as I couldn't work out how to un-install)
I did try to revert to a restore point but XP would let me do it (failed to restore - or words to that effect).

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