Media Player 9 will not play VCD

  Bapou 08:32 08 Jul 2003

A friend, with the aid of Pinnacle has created two VCD's, we both use Windows XP Home and
Media Player 9. Both VCD's play without problem on his computer, only one will play on mine.

Not only will the offending VCD not play in MP9, (or Power DVD), it's stops the progam from running and I have to bring up Task Manager to escape.

In addition, they both play in his Asda bought DVD Player, whereas in my inexpensive Naiko 1170 all I get is 'Disc Error' 'PBC On'.I can't see any reference to PBC in the instructional.

We are a couple of virtual novice's at this and are stumped at why this sould be so. Would anyone care to help us out please?

  matt5705 11:15 08 Jul 2003

go into option then find a box with wat medai it will play select all

  Bapou 15:59 08 Jul 2003

Thanks for responding, had made the necessary settings before hand but this one of two just will not play. Both VCD's are in the MPeg 2 format, MPlayer and Power DVD recognises one only. Power DVD comes up with message 'unformatted disc in Drive D:'.

Afraid I'll have to leave it for a while, thanks for the try.

  sjr1 16:22 08 Jul 2003

Try here for some answers :)

click here

use the top site..the .com one

  Bapou 17:57 08 Jul 2003

Thanks, will be checking this out.

  siouxah1 18:12 08 Jul 2003

As a matter of interest PBC = Play Back Control.

"PBC ON provides menu access to the contents of a DVD from the disc.

PBC OFF provides access to the disc contents via the Players disc access controls, for the majority of purposes use the DVD player with the PBC ON position."

Thats a quote from my DVD player manual. Unfortunately it does not mean a lot to me.!!!!!

Regards Brian j

  BBez 18:26 08 Jul 2003

the disc may simply be a bad burn or you may not have compatible "codecs" installed if the bad VCD has been encoded with a non-standard bitrate...

  Bapou 23:01 09 Jul 2003

I've ticked 'Resolved', the reality is not so. The disc has proved more bother than it's worth today, causing further problems trying to play it to such an extent that the entire system was virtually screwed up. It's going into the bin.

Thanks to all for responding.

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