Media Player 9 has lost it's voice

  myfoot 07:09 29 May 2005

Re-installed XP and full CD copy of SP2 then gave machine to my lovely X. This seems to be the source of the prob. Sound files that show as Media Player files bring up up MP and play but there is no sound also no other sounds from PC.

However my right click context menu has an option to "Play with Power DVD" and this works, actually very wll for Audio CD's.

What am I missing here?
Did XP SP2 do this as before re-install all was OK


  Taff36 08:32 29 May 2005

Check the basics first. Start>Control Panel>Sounds & Audio> on the Volume tab place a tick in the "place icon on task bar" (This gives quick access for later) On the audio tab check that the default devices look right for the machine. Click advanced on the sound playback section and check that nothing is set to mute. On the hardware tab check that there are no conflicts. Click Apply and OK. Try again.

Note that there is a troubleshoot button on the hardware tab. This can sometimes produce a result so if you`re still not up and running go back to it and use this wizard. If all this fails - post back!

  Taff36 08:51 29 May 2005

By the way, I know you say the files are identified as media player files but what file extensions are they? (MP3, WMA, WAV etc) Have you checked the file extensions in control panel>folder options>file types tab and that they are being opened with media player in all cases?

  myfoot 10:10 29 May 2005

Thanks for your answer.
1. I have sound. (ie nothing muted)

2. The files all sound files, .wav,.cda etc all open Media Player and play, eg. slider moves and visualisations run

3. The same file plays and produces sound through the speakers in Power DVD.


  Taff36 15:46 29 May 2005

Thanks for the e-mail but let`s keep it on forum for the moment. I`m stuck with this one and no obvious answer springs to mind. I will have a think about it and this message will put you back at the top of the listings so someone else may have the answer.

  brambles 18:15 29 May 2005

Version 10 is the latest - have you got that one - if not recommend you download it.


  Taff36 18:53 29 May 2005

Thanks Brambles - good idea. Download here click here It is slightly different to v9 in that the interface and menu`s are laid out slightly differently but you`ll soon get used to it. It also supports more media types I believe.

Save it to a file on your computer and run it from there. During the installation select media player for all the file type associations if you get the choice. After installing it see if your sound reappears. . If not we`ll uninstall Power DVD (I presume you have the installation discs to reinstall it)

  myfoot 14:31 30 May 2005

Can't get to the problem machine till saturday, but the machine is absolutely mute that is except for files opened with "Power DVD" ie. also no "System Sounds". From memory looking at the Audio applet in Control Panel I think the "Sounds Tab" is missing. If that is the case I think I will Run " SFC /scannow" and attempt to repair this way. Will report back but not before next Sat. 4th June.
P.S. Media Player 10 has I think more restrictive " Media Rights Management" and have avoided it till now.

  myfoot 00:14 06 Jun 2005

Well got back to problem , and no problem. Now media Player is doing everything it did before but there is sound from the speakers and also have system sounds.

but I still can't enable Hibernation. used to have before install but now get message " the file is in use by an other process" not a biggie but it does speed up boot time and shutdown. Any body know whats up here?

  Taff36 06:40 06 Jun 2005

I should post the last question as a new subject. Pleased it sorted itself out. It must have been the threat of Media Rights Management!

Seriously though WMP10 is supposed to have better MRM but I haven`t had any problems. In the setup process it will copy your current settings (I think) and offers you a set up page for all these settings. (cookies, update options etc) I don`t download music anyway so it doesn`t bother me at all.

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