Media Player 9 CD Details

  corc2 21:48 09 Oct 2004

I recently upgraded computer - re-installed XP etc.
Now, when I insert a CD, media player doesn't connect to internet to download album details.
I'm absolutely sure I've checked/unchecked all boxes I'm suppose to - basically I left it as I found it - How do I change it?

  stalion 21:50 09 Oct 2004

try re-installing it
click here

  corc2 21:56 09 Oct 2004

Should I go for 10 or re-install 9?

  stalion 21:58 09 Oct 2004

I would re-install 9 some members have had problems with 10

  corc2 22:06 09 Oct 2004

OK thanks for advice. By the way MP9 seems reluctant to down load codecs-same remedy?

  kev.Ifty 22:16 09 Oct 2004

When you say "How do I change it?

If you mean the settings relating to downloading Album info. etc. Then what you need to do is Open WMP then go to TOOLS/OPTIONS then click on the Privacy tab. You will then be presented with a series of options.

If you have already tried this and i have hold of the wrong end of that flipping stick again... Soz

Cheers Kev.

  corc2 22:19 09 Oct 2004

yes ....sorry Kev I've done all sorts of combos of what u suggest. I just want album info loaded whenever I load a new CD....doh!

  corc2 13:43 10 Oct 2004

I've reinstalled MP9 and it still wont download artist and album details. I've even turned firewall off but it makes no difference. Could Service Pack 2 have caused it? Any further help appreciated.

  stalion 14:06 10 Oct 2004

your problem is I expect due to the sp2 install if it was working ok before.You probably have two options now.1,To try wmp 10 or uninstall sp2 to see if it cures the problem

  corc2 18:03 12 Oct 2004

Thanks stalion. I'm not sure I want to uninstall SP2-I'm quite happy with it-just to eliminate problem.
Can you or anyone detail probs with MP10?
Thanks, Andrew

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