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  SHED 13:46 16 Mar 2006

is there any way of making my deault player to windows and not nero,s every time i want some music playing it come up as nero and not windows media player its driving me mad. any help please before i put the hammer thru this pc

  johnnyrocker 13:50 16 Mar 2006

dont know what your os is but have a look in the properties of whichever you want to be the default player and make it so or the properties of nero and disable default setting?


  ACOLYTE 13:52 16 Mar 2006

Uninstall nero player?,you dont need it for nero to work anyway.

  SHED 13:52 16 Mar 2006

i have windows xp pro + sp2

  he who knows 13:56 16 Mar 2006

yes-but follow these steps carfully
1)go to MY MUSIC and right click any of your music files
2)hover the arrow over the OPEN WITH button
4)then click on WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER
6)then just to make sure it works restart your computer, this should do the trick and if it deosnt write back. but i no this shuld work

  he who knows 13:57 16 Mar 2006

do not unistall nero
that was a stupid comment

  ACOLYTE 14:01 16 Mar 2006

"do not unistall nero
that was a stupid comment"

I dont think it was stupid,i said to uninstall the music player not Nero itself,as i said you dont need the player for nero to work.

  he who knows 14:03 16 Mar 2006

i know wot you said it was a good idea but it was unessasary, you were about to make this person uninstall something for no reason
sorry for any offence

  ACOLYTE 14:05 16 Mar 2006

By the way the way you told him to change file accociations was a tad stupid,when he can just open media player click tools options,then file types and select the files there DUH!.

  SHED 14:06 16 Mar 2006

i found how to do it as follows
1 go to start
2 set program and access defaults
3 choose configaration= goto custom hit the double arrows left hand side
4 choose my default player eg windows and hit ok

  he who knows 14:07 16 Mar 2006

but that doesnt always work, because if you have set a certain program to open your music files that program can overide some media players such as windows media player

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