'media content not shown properly' pop-up

  victim311 14:13 14 Mar 2014

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop. It uses the Google Chrome Browser and it runs Windows 8.1 operating system. When I go to virtually any website within a few seconds a pop-up appears saying 'The media content is not shown properly ...... update version M.Player 9.2'. Also, I occasionally get a pop-up saying that there are '142 registry errors - fix now'. Clearly, I have some kind of virus although quite how this has appeared I do not know. I haven't the first clue how to deal with this. Can anyone advise, please? Thank you.

  imendpc 16:23 14 Mar 2014

Try to use the Microsoft Internet Browser and see if operation is normal? This is to isolate if it was just Google Chrome (plus something added inadvertently and recently)? Did this happen from new or more recent?

  lotvic 17:44 14 Mar 2014

Sounds like malware (trying to scare you into buying their scam program to fix a problem that doesn't exist)

What antivirus and security programs do you have on your new laptop?

  victim311 09:14 15 Mar 2014

Hello, imendpc and lotvic and many thanks for replying, I tried using Internet Explorer rather than Chrome and it brought up the Yahoo browser. I used this to search on a general topic then clicked on one of the choices. A McAfee window then appeared saying that it had blocked a suspicious connection!?! So, in answer to your question, lotvic, there is a McAfee security program on my computer. When I ran a recent scan this said that there were no problems detected. I'm beginning to think that I should just carry on and ignore the pop-ups!

  imendpc 23:39 15 Mar 2014

I am confused, did you get the pop ups when using Chrome or Internet Explorer? Moreover I am confused too, did the messages :"'The media content is not shown properly ...... update version M.Player 9.2" & " '142 registry errors - fix now'. " come from Chrome, Internet Explorer or McAfee? The reason why I ask is that on the net "update version M.Player 9.2" is associated with an addon for Firefox that does file sharing downloads and you did not mention Firefox! Which led me to suspect that you may have installed and run a downloader program (exe) from a video and music sharing site. Many people inadvertently install such file downloader programs. Then every time you open a browser this downloader program would try to connect to the host site (hence that's why you see McAfee reporting that a program is trying to make a connection).
You need to remove such downloader programs (uninstall & use task manager to see which programs are running to cause such pop ups).

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