Media centre PC

  timsanton 10:46 27 Oct 2005

Hi all, I'm looking at buying a media centre PC, I really like the idea of having the PC, TV, DVD, hi-fi all in one package - sounds like a fantastic idea - in principle. However I'm having trouble sourcing manufacturers, so far it's only Elonex click here Sony click here and advent from PC world. Can anyone provide any information / suggestions regarding these products?

  Haol 14:25 27 Oct 2005

I like the elonex one as my dad is a computer engineer for them, I have tried the eXentia and it is GOOD, smooth, user friendly screen is quite big yet it doesn't take up alot of space, the wireless mouse and keyboard work smoothly and the remote control is reliable.

  Kate B 14:07 30 Oct 2005

We had a long discussion about Media Center PCs click here recently. Worth a read - lots of great comments there. Personally I'm not a fan, as you'll see if you click the link further down the thread. I think they're overpriced, underspecced and noisy.

Spend the money on a HDD/twin digital tuner video recorder and a decent hifi plus an Airport Express or similar music streamer.

  timsanton 08:47 31 Oct 2005

Hi Kate,

Thank you for the link, the thread and article (v. good btw) make for interesting reading and have certainly helped in my search for information on this technology.

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