Media Center Remote

  #MercyLink# 12:28 08 Oct 2005


Ive got a microsoft media center remote and ive "taught" it the power and volume controls for my TV. I want to connect the PC to a different TV and reset the volume controlls back to controlling windows volume rather than the TV volume. Ive read in varous places to clear the remote you hold down "DVD Menu" and the left arrow till the lights go off (which I do) then you press OK. When I press OK though, the remote blinks 4 times and it doesnt clear the settings. IVe left the batteries out of it all day and its still got the setting. Any ideas on clearing it? ITs the new media cetner remote with the teletext keys at the bottom.

  ICF 14:52 08 Oct 2005

Can you not just re-learn it the codes for the new TV?

  XPFreak 15:36 08 Oct 2005

<ignore username, im at a friends house, it is still #mercylink#>

I dont want the codes for the new TV, I Want it to control the windows volume.

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