Media Center PC + TV Viewing (Freeview)

  Dumfy 21:32 12 Dec 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'm about to install/use an HP Media Center 2005 PC. It came with a pre-installed analogue TV card, but I want to upgrade this to all digital Freeview and make the most of the available channels.

Freeview is available in my area and I have two options on how to upgrade, but am unsure of the best route to go.

I can either install a dedicated PCI card from
click here#
which I believe is designed to integrate properly with the Media Center software for EPG/My TV use etc, or I buy a separate Freeview set top box and connect it to the existing TV card using S-Video. Would this integrate with the PC in the same way as the PCI card?

I guess the PCI card route is the neatest, but it means removing the existing TV card, which has inputs for video capture etc and the Hauppage card doesn't, but there is an S-Video connection on the front of the PC though I don't know where it connects to internally.

Anybody gone this route already and has recommendations?

many thanks


  Dumfy 22:52 12 Dec 2005


  007al 22:55 12 Dec 2005

do you have a spare pci slot to add a digital card alongside the analogue one?

  Dumfy 23:31 12 Dec 2005

I don't think so. I haven't taken the side panels off to have a look, but the rear of the PC appears to be full with no slots available.

If I do have a spare slot, will the analogue and digital cards work OK side by side, or could there be a conflict?

  007al 23:44 12 Dec 2005

They should be ok.
You could get one of these to plug into usb if you have no slots left click here
click here

  007al 23:46 12 Dec 2005

Sorry,my mistake...second link is for analogue! Doh!

  Dumfy 00:08 13 Dec 2005

The Freecom model looks interesting and I could also use it on my laptop.

I'll take a look to see if I have any spare PCI slots first as I like the idea of the Hauppauge integrating with Media Center software (or so the blurb says)

Hopefully I'll have a spare and have my cake and eat it!



  007al 00:45 13 Dec 2005

Also,you`ll have to check for compatible hardware for media centre,as i think it`s a bit fussy with what hardware/software is used with it.

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