Medal of Honour

  paul654 22:14 11 Jan 2004

Just bought medal of honour allied assault `Deluxe edition`(complete with `spearhead` expansion) for PC. Do you have to install and play MOH first and then install `Spearhead` expansion or do you install them both together. I`ve never played MOH on PC before only on PS2. On ps2 it starts with the normandy beach landings but the pc version (with spearhead installed) starts with a paratute drop.Should MOH(pc) start with the beach landing? All that happens when I start with the basic MOH disc in, is that I can only play the `Basic training ` course, i have to put `spearhead` in to play proper. I`m confused.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 22:36 11 Jan 2004

You can install them both together, but you must install Allied Assault before you can install and play Spearhead.

The beach landing happens later on in Allied Assault (Mission 3, I think). Also, you have to first complete the basic training before you can begin the missions.

Hope this helps

  gudgulf 22:37 11 Jan 2004

MOH on the pc does indeed start with a parachute drop---The beach landing occurs a few levels into the game.Also you do have to start with basic training.

Spearhead is essentially a seperate entity so you can play that one without the initial training
and you dont need to complete MOHAA before you can play it.
You need to install Allied Assault first though as this is required to be on your system before Spearhead will install.

Have fun

  DAG88 22:40 11 Jan 2004

You can install them bith at the same time - it makes no difference

Ther are missions on the first 1 but i think u have to complete the training first

The normandy beach landing is later on on the allied assault not spearhead (its quite late on)

  DAG88 22:43 11 Jan 2004

sorry, cross posted

Start with allied assault and only when you have completed that should you load spearhead. It is spearhead that starts with the parachute landing.

Whenever you load spearhead it will delete all the previously saved games from allied assault.

PS when you do get to load and play spearhead - PLEASE tell me how to get past the panzer tank that needs to be blown away with sticky bombs - I have been stuck there for ages (and I mean AGES!!!!). :-)


  The Ghost of Inept Pig 22:45 11 Jan 2004

gudgulf - Doesn't the first mission on Allied Assault involve being transported in the back of vans, before things go wrong at a checkpoint?

The parachute drop is the first mission in Spearhead though.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 22:49 11 Jan 2004

After you've destroyed the halftrack, you SHOULD be given some sticky bombs by a team mate, you then have to blow up the gun you've been using.

For the tank itself, you should take care of the men around it, and then wait for the opportune moment to run out and attach asticky bomb to one of the glowing boxes on the tank (there's 4), and then retreat and wait for the tank to blow.

Ta for that. I think I must have got out of sequence somewhere because the tank has appeared before I've been give the sticky bombs!! Best bet I think will be to start the Bastogne bit again.

PS You don't know about how to get out of the punch up in Mafia do you :-)). Sorry just thought i'd ask as I'm stuck in that as well.

  gudgulf 23:13 11 Jan 2004

That'll be me getting confused ,its a while since I played them. Either that or senility cos
Im far too old to be playing games according to my wife.
I dont recall Spearhead wiping out my MOHAA saved games---are you sure?

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 23:17 11 Jan 2004

So, many questions...

Is it Bastogne? I was referring to the tank is Ardennes Forest... I've not played it for such a long time.

Mafia - great game, fair share of punch ups in it though, do you perchance mean the one where you're walking a lady home? If so - there's not much I can offer in the way of advice, equip your knuckledusters and beat them until they run away - but DON'T kill them - if your really stuck here, I could re-install my copy of Mafia and save the game after I've done the deed on your behalf

For those who are interested, there's a games site if you click here that I tend to loiter around, it's membership comes mainly from the former members of PCAs very own Gamesroom.

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