Medal of Honor

  twin 12:13 16 Jan 2003
  twin 12:13 16 Jan 2003

I am having problems playing Medal of Honor. i'vs successfully installed the game, yet when i start 1st mission i get a message from MOHAA counsole stating that game needs a video card with multitexturing capability. I have played the demo before with no problems. I have the pc chips
810Lmr 64mb sis730 on board graphics 250, 133 ram 1.3ghz cpu.


  MalcSP 12:31 16 Jan 2003

You will need to invest in a graphics card. Do not expect to spend less than £35. The on-board graphics are not up to it and reduce the available memory on your PC. No doubt someone in the forum will advise you on the most appropriate card. Persevere. Its a great game (especially with the cheats on).

  Nappy1610 12:47 16 Jan 2003

I have the same board and when i came to upgrade the Garaphics card with the Geforce 4 mx 440 it didnt work. I now have the Mercury Gforce 2 MX 400 TV Out which runs brilliantly and Works with medal of honour cos i play it

  twin 15:59 16 Jan 2003

regarding the graphics card i have played the game
on my pc before with no problems its only stoped after i reinstalled the game.
Any more ideas would be welcome.

  MalcSP 16:04 16 Jan 2003

You didn't say that you'd played it before on full (not demo) version. However, I stand by my original comments. Why did you have to reinstall?

  twin 16:24 16 Jan 2003

Its the demo,I uinstalled the game a few months ago then i decided to play it again. thats when the problem occured. I was thinking about buying
the full version.

  MalcSP 16:35 16 Jan 2003

I am unfamiliar with the demo version but would suggest that you might be able to click on the 'radio' in the control room to adjust the graphics properties before you try and run the game. I think investing in the game and a 'proper' graphics card as in Nappy 1610's suggestion will give you great rewards.

  twin 16:46 16 Jan 2003

thanks for your help

  Falkyrn 10:12 17 Jan 2003

Try running the configuration program before running the game this usually sets up the game to the specifics of your machine ... it may help.

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