Measuring monthly usage

  JayDay 17:10 05 Aug 2004

I am currently on BB with an ISP that has no limit on my usage.

I see now that there are several ISP's that offer cheaper BB but with a 1GB limit. Is there a program/any way of measuring my monthly usage to see what my average usage is?

It's difficult to gauge as it includes emails/web pages/downloads.

  hssutton 17:14 05 Aug 2004


Plusnet have an online usage graph showing exactly how much per day you have used.

  christmascracker 17:16 05 Aug 2004

Here's one

click here

  christmascracker 17:25 05 Aug 2004

Type free bandwidth monitor into google. Quite a few come up

  JayDay 17:28 05 Aug 2004

Thanks quick and helpful rersponse as ever.

  Stuartli 17:32 05 Aug 2004

I use Logtime from click here

Can monitor more than one ISP.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 05 Aug 2004

click here Netmeter

  AnthonyB 18:20 05 Aug 2004

glad I latched onto this thread because I as going to start one myself.

In Wanadoo, I have " gig limit (£17.99). am I to assume that "online gaming" (say 2 hours) takes up that amount for an equivelent download (say severel 100's of MB's if I was to download softwre for 2 hours?)

Also, (daft Question prob) does leaving your computer connected affect usage even if I'm just READING a web page? (IE: not clicking on anything?).

Well, BB Wanadoo have done a rough guide to how it is worked out etc (emal attactments, photo's, MP3 downloads etc etc, PLUS 8 hours surfing per day. would that be 8 hours active surfing, or just 8 hours online?



  AnthonyB 18:21 05 Aug 2004

oh, thanks for the links, esp that one Fruitbat;)

  JayDay 18:40 05 Aug 2004

Great little program, just what I was looking for.

Do ISP's work out your usage by Download/Upload or both?

  Tim1964 19:26 05 Aug 2004

The amount used is for both up and down.

In the last two weeks I've just passed the 1Gb mark, surfing for about 3 hours a day (on average)

AntonyB, I just noticed that, even having this page open and not clicking on anything, the usage is increasing by 10Kb every 10 secs or so. I can only guess it's due to the adverts updating themselves and of course the connection to the ISP is being 'pinged' regularly to monitor the connection.

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