Measuring load on power supply

  Madscot_uk 12:06 10 Jul 2005

Hi all

Does anyone know of any software out there that can display the load on your power supply much in the way task manger displays processor usage?


  Dorsai 12:30 10 Jul 2005

There are no sensors in-side the PSU to monitor the load, so as far as I am aware no one has written any software...

The next best thing is the monitoring software's voltage reporting section. While it does not exactly give a load figure, it should show up any section that is struggling to cope, as the voltage will be below what it's supposed to be.

IF you're wondering if you PSU is up to the job, or need a new one, try click here

  Madscot_uk 12:59 10 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice...the calculator gives a min of 317W and mine is 350W (although my card isn't on the list, 6600GT, hope a 6800GT consumes similar if not more power!).

  Stuartli 13:30 10 Jul 2005


click here

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If you have Everest (Computer + Sensor), it will reveal what voltages are being raised on a continuous basis, along with CPU and motherboard temperatures.

  woodchip 13:37 10 Jul 2005

You may as well tick this thread, unless you can follow and digest click here

  spuds 14:00 10 Jul 2005

There is a wall socket plug-in device that Maplin's sell, which gives various power usage readings [amps,wattage,volts etc].It will not give a reading for individual items, unless it is connected direct to them.Ideal for checking DIY-Hobby-Pro electrical equipment. Price tends to vary between £20.00+ to below £12.00 depending whether they have a sale or special offer.

  woodchip 14:09 10 Jul 2005

That kind of thing is just so you know what your Electric bill may come to it will not say what the load is on the PSU. It only gives a Load on the Complete 240v AC load i.e. watts that's being used. And as I think the question is (reading between the lines)based on how big a PSU that he needs for X amount of Equipment. and it's not as strait forward as that as PSU's are built different, and not true power that they can provide. Quality etc all play a part

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