meaning of "bump"

  cgen 10:12 27 Jul 2005

in a posting to a helproom I have been told that if I get no answer I should "bump" in order to get a page 1 re-posting
plus how does one bump

  iscanut 10:14 27 Jul 2005

Just type the word "bump" in message or title.

  Danoh 10:18 27 Jul 2005

as adding a new post will automatically "bump" your thread to the top of the list of queries.

  Forum Editor 19:53 27 Jul 2005

you can type anything - I use the word 'refresh', and some people use a full stop, or some other character. The point is that typing anything in a thread brings it back to the top of the list, and that can help to attract people who may not have been logged in when first the thread appeared.

In the main we're not keen on people repeatedly bringing threads to the top of the pile - once or twice will usually suffice.

  igk 20:40 27 Jul 2005

The handy thing (that no one has mentioned here!!!) is that when you "Bump" the thread goes into your "view your postings" so that you can refer to it later on...

  lotvic 23:14 27 Jul 2005

igk, I agree and I do that when I want to follow a thread so that I can learn from it.

  BT 09:34 29 Jul 2005

You don't need to bump to put your thread into 'Your Postings' it will be there anyway.

  igk 17:21 29 Jul 2005

"You don't need to bump to put your thread into 'Your Postings' it will be there anyway."

I'm talking about other peoples postings if you read it correctly!

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