Me to XP Upgrade

  Bucko1 20:49 15 Jan 2004

I'm just about to upgrade from Me to XP doing a completely fresh installation and I have read that I will be offered the choice of choosing to format with Fat 32 or NTFS.

It would seem that NTFS is the better system but...

1) if I choose the NTFS file system will my existing software programs still run ok.

2) are there any other disadvantages with changing to NTFS

Thanks guys

  y_not 21:34 15 Jan 2004

Yes your programmes will run fine (provided they are XP compatible)

Using NTFS means less fragmentation.... better use of large hard drive space... therefore faster after a period of use, because data isn't as scattered, which in turn means less likely loss of data in emergency situations.

One other thing - take a screen shot of the BSOD - a rarity with XP so you might want to remember what it looked like!

Hey y_not, I was thinking of doing the same upgrade - using a full install ans many on here had suggested that XP far exceeds ME.

But (confused) what is BSOD ??

  VoG II 22:07 15 Jan 2004

You can always choose FAT32 then convert the drive later on click here

  VoG II 22:07 15 Jan 2004

BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death

Thanks VoG - but still confused !!

Not being "too" IT literate, my idea of deleting words off a word document that I have spelt wrong ends up in the monitor covered in tip-ex - but hey - the smell is fine !!

I take it the BSOD is something to do with XP crashing ??

  Bucko1 22:14 15 Jan 2004

Thanks for that, but what on earth is a BSOD (scuse my ignorance!).

Can I still try to run thngs in compatability mode with NTFS if they are not XP compatable? (some of my software is quite old (W95) and I don't know if it will work with XP.

Also I have a network via a router to another computer running windows Me, which will stay windows Me. If I change to NTFS will I still be able to exchange files? I read somewhere that Me cannot understand NTFS files. Is that true?

  VoG II 22:16 15 Jan 2004

BSOD is to do with any version of Windows crashing - blue screen with error messages on. If you have ME you must have seen this: it was at least a daily occurrence in my case.

The point y_not was making is that, usually, this virtually never happens with XP.

  Bucko1 22:17 15 Jan 2004

I must have been writing my post when you answered - simple really isn't it

  gudgulf 22:17 15 Jan 2004

BSOD is the blue error screen that windows me tends to prefer to a normal working display. It does not appear very often in xp.

  VoG II 22:17 15 Jan 2004

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