ME to XP

  mogwai 16:40 05 Sep 2005

a friend of mine is building a new PC and is going to install XP onto it, his old PC had ME on it, can he transfer files from ME to XP? will this work because ME uses the FAT file system and XP uses NTFS. the files im talking about will be photos word processing documents etc.

  dave_and_confused 16:54 05 Sep 2005

Yes they will be fine.

  mogwai 16:56 05 Sep 2005

OK thanks for the speedy answer but, what IS the difference then between FAT32 and NTFS? what will not work on these different file systems?

  dave_and_confused 16:58 05 Sep 2005

Nothing won't work.

They are just different file systems. NTFS is a newer way one.

Files often switch file system when they are moved from one medium to another. From FAT32 on one PC to a CDFS on a CD to NTFS on another PC.

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