ME Upgrade to XP

  Digit 10:52 02 Aug 2005

Hi I am hoping to bring my old PC up to date, It has ME at the moment so am I right in thinking I need ME upgrade to get me up to XP.
I have a new PC running with XP at the moment but I would like to practice things on me old PC firsts if you see what I mean.
All I have for me old PC is a Floppy disk which will take me back to start a fresh so would I then put the ME upgrade CD in if my thinking is right. I do have a new XP CD which came with my PC, I wont gabble on as I am sure someone will put me on the right track.


  ventanas 10:59 02 Aug 2005

Ok, for a start you cannot use the XP cd that came with your other pc. You must buy a separate upgrade disc, either Home or Professional.

Also I do not understand what you mean by ME Upgrade. you do not need to do anything with ME. Just insert your new XP disc when purchased and when the options appear choose to upgrade. XP will install. You can choose at the outset to receive a hardware report. If anything is incompatible with XP and needs upgrading, or later drivers, this will tell you. Modems are a favourite here.

  ventanas 11:04 02 Aug 2005

Should have mentioned, if your ME disc is a full version (not a "Recovery Disc,") you can use the new XP CD to format your drive and therefore have a clean install of XP without any leftovers from ME. Early in the process you will be asked to briefly insert the ME disc for verification. Most recovery discs will not work though, being just a ghosted image.

If you have to go "over the top" its a good idea to have a good clean out of temp files and any other rubbish first.

  Digit 11:30 02 Aug 2005


Thanks didn’t really know what I had to do to get XP just guessing now for a bit of surfing to find best price thanks again.


  ventanas 12:03 02 Aug 2005

One more caveat. You cannot buy what is termed OEM despite its much cheaper price unless you satisfy many conditions. If you see this version offered it may be illegal.

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