ME stops responing

  nelliehob 18:29 02 Feb 2003

When I bootup after loading the machine freezes, when I retset it it scans the disk and starts working OK. Any ideas on what the problem is?

  grove34 18:50 02 Feb 2003

the problem is ME , upgrade to XP m8

  acfc 19:11 02 Feb 2003

Not a lot to go on nelliehob

Could be caused by a program in your startup group.

Go to Start/Run and type msconfig and look at the Startup group. You can identify what each program is from click here Try disabling the programs you don't think you need one at a time to see if your problem is resolved.

Groove 24

Not very helpful! I have used ME for the last 3 years and despite numerous reports of instability I have had very few problems. I would grudge giving MS another £90 for XP.

  Lone Crow 19:31 02 Feb 2003

I agree with acfc - Me has its gremlins like most versions but usually only plays up like this when affected by added software. I think his solution method will find the problem. Sometimes it can be that Me tries to call up a program that has been uninstalled but its startup command not removed. The Msconfig method should track that down. Good luck nelliehob. LC.

  sattman 21:51 02 Feb 2003

Did the problem arise after you installed new software or made any changes to your system? If the problem has just started can you not use the "ME system restore to get you back to a good point when your system was stable? You will be inviting more trouble if you try to install XP on top of a existing problem.

  grove34 23:44 02 Feb 2003

i have used ME and all i had was problems , even after a clean install it crashed after 10 minutes.

to be honest its got to be the worst version of windows that MS have brought out.

the day XP came out was like christmas birthdays and easter all rolled into 1.

i've been using XP since it came out and its only crashed a handful of times , most of which i think may have been down to me anyway , ME crash a handful of times every day even if it was just sitting doing nothing.

MAY XP LIVE FOREVER(well at least until Bill Gates needs a few quid)

  barryoneoff 23:51 02 Feb 2003

a few problems with ME, and every one of them was due to software I had installed.

  nelliehob 09:25 03 Feb 2003

thanks for all your help, i removed the office start bar and it works fine.

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