ME (OEM-CD) upgrade to XP but as ME/XP dual-boot

  NotSure 22:50 16 Jul 2006

Hi all

I've spent quite some time checking thru previous posts, but nothing seems to cover what I have in mind.
Win ME, 1GHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB HD
ADSL router/hub (h/w firewall);
Zone Alarms Security Suite
My ME is OEM but I have a recovery disk with Cabs etc (Mesh, Jun 2000 - lots of files, 470MB - so I guess not an image disk).
I use mostly Word, Outlook Express, IE6,
(no heavy gaming nor video/image/audio processing).
Like others affected by the end of ME updates, my virus/adware sw (Zone Labs) has now also stopped meaningful updates for ME. However I have several kids' games that run only on ME which I want to be able to run over the next 3-4 years

I am wondering if I could/should go for an ME/XPHome dual boot,
If I partition my HD (or add a 2nd HD), and get an XP Home Upgrade disk (Retail not OEM), will I be able to do a clean install to the new partition/HD by inserting my OEM recovery disk at the appropriate point in the install?

Other things planned when doing it this way:

[1] For the dual-boot part that uses ME:
Because of the non-updating of virus/adware s/w, my idea is to set the dual-boot ME-version not to have access to the internet or just access to a few trusted IPs e.g. BBC

[2] For dual-boot part that uses XP:
Use for unrestricted use of internet/email (IE, Outlook Express),
and transfer Office 97 SR1 (Word 2000 SR1, Excel 97 SR1, Powerpoint 97 SR1) by installing from my full retail Office 97 CD (as used to set up current ME set-up).

I realise that other options are:

[A] Don't partition on just 20GB - if HD space is an issue, that's why I would add a 2nd HD

[B] Just use the upgrade option to convert ME to XP as that allows you to revert if you need to -
but most well-thought-through posts say a clean install is better.

[C] XP has ME emulators so just do a clean install over ME & don't bother with the dual-boot - but I don't want to find out the games don't work after a clean install over ME.

[D Buy a new PC - but if I went that route I would want to spend about £1k to get what I would expect for a new machine, and I can't afford that at the moment.

Thanks for any advice you offer.

  Devil Fish 23:51 16 Jul 2006

i don't think you would be able to do it as it would mean 2 installations of ME and only 1 license

your concerns about the games

windows XP has a backward compatibility mode built into it that allows you to run software as far back as windows 95 so you can still run older software on the system your games should still run fine on XP

hope this is of some help

  NotSure 22:11 17 Jul 2006

Thanks DevilFish

I did wonder about the "2 instances / one licence", but thought that as they couldn't be used simultaneously it was in effect only one instance of licenced software.

As to the playing ME games on XP, I was made wary of that as some ME games had "Not XP compatible" stickers, but maybe that was for just standard use on XP (as opposed to going to the trouble of opening the emulator).

I really appreciate your reply - I spent hours online yesterday trying to make sense of the whole issue of what was/was not legit when upgrading over OEM ME and whether my OEM recovery disk would count as a legit version, etc etc.
No wonder the Windows/PC alliance get so much business out of "upgrade = buy new PC" - that's the option that gets promoted the most and seems the least hassle (but most cost)!

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