Me mouse has died !

  bob308w 20:39 11 Aug 2006

Running XP with microsoft wireless optical mouse 2.0A. Mouse has deceased, Red light underneath is on suggesting battery in mouse is ok, green light is on in receiver. All works ok with a different USB mouse. Any idea's please?

  Jackcoms 20:53 11 Aug 2006

You've already answered your own question.

"Me mouse has died !"

Buy another one - they're cheap enough - or use one of the other ones you refer to.

  bob308w 21:01 11 Aug 2006

This is a fantastic site with some really knowledgeable people on it, diesse and VoG to mention only two, that give their time so freely to help others less skilled. It is the response of idiots like jackoms that deter people from using this site.

  Jackcoms 21:06 11 Aug 2006

You asked for suggestions. I gave you one. It's a mouse, it's cheap to replace.

The idiot Jackcoms has been giving his time freely to "help others less skilled" on this site for something like 4 years now (have a look around the threads).

You will find, if you bother to read the Forum rules, that personal abuse directed at other members is not permitted

  De Marcus™ 21:06 11 Aug 2006

calm down and stop reverting to childish name calling.

If you were unhappy with jackcoms advice, all you had to do was politely dismiss/ignore it.

Have you tried conecting the receiver and mouse via their buttons, i.e. press the connect button on receiver and then on mouse (usually underneath).

  sean-278262 21:07 11 Aug 2006

Bob, you have answered your own question. If there is nothing happening then the thing must be dead. The only way to fit it would be to delve into it. And with a mouse costing about 10quid or so on dabs with wireless there is no real point to not have one and just live on.

On this forum it isnt like we can post schematic diagrams of your mouse circuits to let you work out the problem. It would take longer than it would to get a new one. The likely hood if the receiver is working and the red light comes on is that the antenna in the mouse is dead and in todays world a non servicable part.

To be quite honest I think you owe Jackcoms an applogie. He posted the true nature of the answer. Unless you have another MS mouse to test with it is pretty pointless keeping it and even if you found it was one of the 2 parts you still can do very little.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 11 Aug 2006

Uninstall and reinstall the drivers in device manger.

  DieSse 23:58 11 Aug 2006

The commonest cause of wireless mice not working, is failure to re-synchronise it with the pickup (as stated above).

The mouse manual or help files will explain how to do this - in my experience it's worth trying more than once. If this doesn't work, and you've tried replacing the drivers - then another mouse sounds the likeliest fix, of course.

  Jak_1 01:19 12 Aug 2006

1. Put the damned thing in a box, read an elergy and bury it. Go out and buy a new one. Problem solved.
2. To try and fix it, if it is a parts failure is a waste of time.
3. If re-loading the drivers works then all well and good.
4. If it doesn't then refer to 1.

  bob308w 08:15 12 Aug 2006

jackoms; I apologise for the undeserved comments that I made yesterday, I had just returned from my Fathers funeral and stress levels were running high.

The keyboard has now failed, gues I will have to visit PC world this morning, many thanks to all of you for the advice.

  DieSse 09:10 12 Aug 2006

*The keyboard has now failed,*

Even more indication of not being synchronised - have you done the connection procedure?

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