ME Booting Problem

  Nelmon2k 18:48 19 Jul 2005

I have owned a old 333mhz pc that I have not been using for some time now. I recently decided to make this into a server. I moved it into a smaller, newer case I have bought and added some more ram. Now however when I load it up it gets to half way through the screen where it has the Millenium Editions logo and then reboots. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?

  sidecar sid 18:55 19 Jul 2005

How much ram?

  Nelmon2k 20:28 19 Jul 2005

About 64 meg I think. I'll check when I get back home.

  the-george 20:42 19 Jul 2005

Osbourne Complete Reference for ME states hardware requirements as-
Pentium pro, Pentium II or similar CPU running at least 150MHz / At least 32Mb RAM but system will run slowly with less than 64Mb.

Your hardware should therefore be sufficient to cope. You mention a smaller case - are you sure there is sufficient ventilation to prevent CPU overheating?

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?

  bemuzed 20:54 19 Jul 2005

I had a similar problem but much earlier in the boot sequence. It was a faulty power supply.

  Nelmon2k 20:57 19 Jul 2005

I was meaning I added 64 megabytes sorry. Its at about 256 or so now. I'll try a different power supply when I get home.

  Nelmon2k 21:01 19 Jul 2005

Safe mode does the same.

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