Mcfee anti virus

  derek-220674 13:58 20 Jan 2007

I have the Mcfee symbal showing on my taskbar when i start my p/c, my p/c takes forever to start some times it wont start untill you try 3 or 4 times. if I go into msconfig and remove it off the task bar my p/c performs great, what is happening?

  Belatucadrus 14:23 20 Jan 2007

Difficult to say without knowing what else is running, but it looks as if McAffee is clashing with something resulting in a slow or intermittent boot and poor reaction times.
What is the specification of your PC ?
Do you have any other Anti Virus loaded ?
What processes are running in the background ( hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete for the process manager.)

If we can't find a solution and you can't get McAfee to run properly, as a last resort try downloading one of the free alternatives like avast!, disconnect from the Internet, uninstall McAfee then add the replacement.
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  Belatucadrus 17:41 21 Jan 2007

Via e-mail:-

"sorry my answer is so late emergendy arose the only other programe that is simular to mcfee is spy cather that is down loaded with bt yahoo"

Doubt that Spycatcher would interfere with McAfee and cause the instabilities and lags you refer to.
In the absence of any more focused suggestion, you could try click here Advanced Windowscare personal, first run Scan and let it fix what it finds, then try Tools / Startup manager and see if there's anything in your boot routine that you don't need.
If you want to take precautions before making alterations use System Restore to create a restore point before running.
How much time is left on your McAfee subscription ?

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