McAfee VirusScan 7.02 and ZoneAlarm

  kevvyb 14:52 05 Apr 2003

Have installed VS7 without integrated firewall. Running ZoneAlarm too. Just one problem. Cannot get MA Instant Updater to work. Or I should say have got it to work once. It updated the Instant Updater version but now gives error 102 again (saying it cannot detect internet connection).

Entries for the VS programs appeared in ZA programs list until I removed them and tried to add them again. Cannot seem to add them back. It's certainly something to do with the ZA/McAfee combination. Stopping ZA allows McAfee to connect again although it tells me there are no updates at this time having also said that it was unable to get any information about my product?

Has anyone got around these issues?

  kevvyb 15:13 05 Apr 2003

Deleting the programs from ZA, rebooting and then using them again prompted ZA to ask if they should connect and this time it worked okay.

Still getting the silly message from McAfee thoug that the upadater was "unable to get any information about my product"!

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