McAfee and A squared Antimalware mix- OK?

  compumac 20:44 22 Aug 2009

Inherited a Dell PC with McAfee Security and I have A Squared AntiMalware to install. Does anyione know if these run in harmony?

  Strawballs 20:59 22 Aug 2009

Should do it is only Anti-virus that you can only use 1 of anti-spyware you can use multiple

  compumac 21:02 22 Aug 2009

This is what I believe also, but your indication of that is appreciated. Anyone else agree?

  birdface 22:20 22 Aug 2009

A Squared runs Ok with AVG but not sure about McAfee.
Is it the free version of A Squared or the pay for version.The pay for version is very good and almost nothing gets by it
.A bit of a pain in the neck with all the pop ups wanting you to allow or deny programs.
By opening a browser page you sometimes get between 2-4 programs trying to download tracking cookies on to your computer and A Squared stops them all.
If not A Squared I think we all need at least the one program that gives you good protection.
I have always been of the mind that freebies are every bit as good.But none of the ones that I have tried are anywhere near as good as A Squared Anti-Malware full Version.

  compumac 22:39 22 Aug 2009

It is the paid for A Squared Anti-Malware Full Version

  rdave13 22:41 22 Aug 2009

With respect to buteman I used A2 years ago and it caused problems. No doubt it has improved but I feel it's like AVG. Sometimes good, most of the times buggers up your surfing.
McAfee exactly the same. (I used that years ago too and no doubt it has improved.)
So to sum up neither come close to install on my PC including AVG and Norton.
Only my opinion of course.

  birdface 23:01 22 Aug 2009

click here A few reviews on A Squared site.

  rdave13 00:54 23 Aug 2009

I must be missing something here. I know I have bad eyesight but I can't see Norton anywhere near these test results. I can see Avira but no AVG or Avast? A few reviews of A2 by A2 possibly?

  rdave13 01:05 23 Aug 2009

Correction, scrolling down further I see they trounce avg, avast and norton in real time scanning.

My personal thoughts is baloney. click here

  birdface 06:39 23 Aug 2009

Norton and AVG were in most of the results so you must have your blinkers on.
A Squared is an Anti-Malware program rather than a Anti-Virus program so there will be different results.
All I am saying is it is an excellent Anti-Malware program.
Now you like Norton I would imagine about 75% of folk don't but that is your choice and not something I would use again.

  compumac 08:47 23 Aug 2009

I used Norton for many years but my last time was using Systemworks that caused so many problems and many, many phone cals and e-mails to their support(?)/Helpline(?) that I kicked it totally into touch on all of my PC's

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