McAfee SiteAdvisor and Firefox problem.

  ricardoespana 20:56 23 Aug 2009

In recent days, I notice SiteAdvisor for Firefox has not been working.

It appears to be loaded, as the panel is green, but search pages are not showing traffic light colours for web safety.

I am using FF 3.5.2. SiteAdvisor is 2.9.258.

My search engine on Firefox is

System - XP Pro with SP3.

It is running perfectly with IE 8.

I have tried disabling, unstalling then installing, downloading a new copy from McAfee.

Even did a System Restore.

Everything is still the same as before - no traffic light highlights.

SiteAdvisor has been running normally until a few days ago - has this problem happened to anyone else?

Am I missing something?

  birdface 21:30 23 Aug 2009

It should show in tools or in Add-Ons.Extentions.

  Stuartli 23:44 23 Aug 2009

There's a McAfee Site Advisor download for IE, plus another for Firefox and other browsers.

If you download from the McAfee website you will get the correct version (repeat it with a different browser):

click here

  ricardoespana 00:07 24 Aug 2009

Hi Stuartli

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think McAfee now produce one piece of software for all browsers.

I only say this, as when I look again on the download pages, the system requirements are:

* Windows XP SP1+ or Vista
* Interner Explorer 6 and above, or
* Firefox 2 and above

With a separate 'click here' for Mac.

I have searched the McAfee Community Forum for SiteAdvisor, where it appears, I am not alone with this sudden problem.

As I said previously, IE8 is good, other search engines I have tried OK, but Google is a no, no.

In the last couple of hours, I used a suggestion, where doing all my searches through Google News UK and setting GN UK as my homepage and it works how it should work.

  birdface 08:00 24 Aug 2009

I use IE8 and never had any problems with Google yesterday.Maybe a qhick run of your security programs may help.But if you cannot get McAfee Site Advisor to work you can always try WOT.Just does the same and puts a little circle on your taskbar which changes colour.

click here

  birdface 08:00 24 Aug 2009

I should have said Toolbar.

  Stuartli 09:56 24 Aug 2009

I use the separate downloads for IE and Firefox and it appears to still be the situation:

click here

  ricardoespana 19:07 24 Aug 2009

Hi Stuartli
Unfortunately, you have given me a link for SiteAdvisor which is for Mac. I have Windows XP.

  Stuartli 20:51 24 Aug 2009
  dogbreath1 12:59 25 Aug 2009

If McAfee Site Advisor (MSA) continues to be a pig, why not try Web Of Trust (WOT) instead?

click here

I've used it for a while now with no problems.

(I had MSA in Firefox when it was a lean and mean extension. Then it became a much bigger download for installation and the problems started.)

  ricardoespana 13:44 25 Aug 2009

To all contributors, I am marking as resolved.

To dogbreath1

I have used WOT before and it does the job, so I will go back to it again later, but at the moment,I am using a getaround by having my 'homepage' as Google News, then using Google search from the 'homepage'.

Strange way of doing it, but it works.

I just find it strange that MSA was OK one day then suddenly did not work, but hey ho, as my workaround does the job, it is OK by me. For the time being.

Just realised, the other day, I had to download QuickTime Plug-in for Firefox. So will disable later and try again without. Maybe QT is the culprit.

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