Mcafee Site Advisor query

  MOLITTLE 12:54 05 Mar 2011

My Mcafee had to be unloaded and reloaded on my PC due to a problem. Now each time I log on to the Internet a triangle with a Yellow exclamation mark appears and the following message:

"Your default search setting have changed. This may pose a security risk. Would you like to restore them to McAfee Secure Search to provide a safer searching experience"

The options are Yes or No. I selected Yes but the message still keeps appearing,

I did try phoning Mcafee but there prerecorded message said all calls up to £1 per minute up to £15 and then we will call you back.

  961 14:46 05 Mar 2011

You don't say what the problem was. Can you explain?

What happens if you select the "No" option?

"a safer searching experience" Who writes this rubbish?

Did you pay for your McAfee or did it come pre installed?

  MOLITTLE 15:51 05 Mar 2011

I purchased McAfee subscription up to May 2013. I thought that I was totally protected but it appears I had 2 viruses Adware & Spyware or Malware & also was unable to access the Internet. I also had a Trojan and also received message about Fake Alert. End result contacted Dell and they resolved but to do this they had to Unload & Reload McAfee. Afterwards I noticed that SiteAdvisor was not working at all so I contacted McAfee. They sorted that part out so I now get the Green(O.k)sign and can see what sites are o.k. My problem now is that when I logon to the Internet I get the message outlined in original posting

I have not tried the NO Option.

  rawprawn 16:07 05 Mar 2011

Try Tools> Manage Add ons> Disable McAfee

  rawprawn 16:08 05 Mar 2011

Disable McAfee site advisor

  961 16:19 05 Mar 2011

My initial thoughts would be to contact Dell, explain what you have explained here, and ask them to sort it or refund what you have paid

(I'm assuming your Dell computer came with a McAfee installation and an option to extend)

I'm not a great fan of McAfee (that's my problem) but one option may be to disable the site advisor bit which may well solve the existing problem as Rawprawn suggests

Do not on any account get into the business of phoning support lines at £1 per minute. McAfee should cringe in shame for asking its UK purchasers to pay this. Use the US support site and if this won't work for you ask Dell to refund what you have paid

  MOLITTLE 16:20 05 Mar 2011

I received your reply to Disable Site Advisor but I need the site advisor enabled in order to see the sites that I can select safely.

I should also add that this message is only displayed the first time I access the Internet. When I select sites from within the message does not appear.

  961 16:33 05 Mar 2011

You don't need it

You can use WOT click here free which does the same job

Having said that, if you've paid Dell and McAfee they should get cracking and sort your problem for free. E-Mail Dell support but on no account get into phone support lines. They cost a fortune and you can't understand most of what they are saying

  MOLITTLE 19:04 05 Mar 2011

I ran McAfee Virtual Technician to check for any problems but none were shown there. I then found an icon for email and chat. I reported it and they have now fixed it for me.

Thank you all for your help

  961 19:10 05 Mar 2011

That's good to hear

Most of these sites seem to see if you will use the paid for phone support first which can cost a shed load if you are happy to stick with it

  rawprawn 19:30 05 Mar 2011

Glad that you are sorted, thanks for the feed back.

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