Mcafee Site advisor for ie and firefox Free Dload

  dave726587 22:44 18 Oct 2006

For Internet Explorer click here

For Firefox click here

This small excellent software tells you if any site is safe or not. If you go on google and search for something it will put a green tick or red cross to show security settings. It also buts a small toobar on your browser to show the sites security.

This software is great to keep your computer in good working order!

  Koochy 22:48 18 Oct 2006

I have been using this for about a month now and find it a very usefull tool


  dave726587 22:49 18 Oct 2006


  DieSse 22:51 18 Oct 2006

I've been using it for some time too - a simple aid for sites to stay away from.

  Jimmy14 22:55 18 Oct 2006

I used it for a period of time but now with Norton 2007 I have a phishing, fraud detecting and malicious website toolbar built into IE which checks every site and won't allow me access if anything is suspicious about it.

  rômanab 23:19 18 Oct 2006

Also been using it for a while and I think it's fantastic.
The kids aren't so pleased though as half the game sites my kids were visiting were coming up as red so I blocked them all. Not happy at all! :o)

  gudgulf 23:56 18 Oct 2006

I use it too......make sure you take the time to check out why a site is red listed.

Sometimes it is because of links to sites rather than the site itself.Also comments from users may clarify if the site is actually safe or unsafe. be frank prefer to use advice and make my own mind up about what sites I visit rather than use someone elses blocklist.The McAfee SiteAdvisor helps with that decision.

And I don't routinely use IE.......does Norton cover Firefox like SiteAdvisor?

  dave726587 00:05 19 Oct 2006

also use mcafees website to check other sites security click here

  dave726587 00:21 19 Oct 2006

does anyone here use mcafee internet security becuase i am thinking buying. can you tell me if its any good and if is slows your pc down alot. thanks

  Stuartli 10:01 19 Oct 2006

One of the offspring, an IT support specialist, tipped me off about SiteAdvisor a while back - IE shows it in the top right hand corner of the page and Firefox in the bottom right hand side.

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