McAfee Site Advisor +AVG Link scanner problems

  birdface 10:17 25 Oct 2008

Browsing the Internet last week for something and got hit with a Rogue Anti-Spyware program trying to download on my computer.Last night AVG jumped in and deleted some sort of Trojan that was on the website that I was trying to open.Now I have both McAfee Site Advisor + AVG link scanner active and both gave the sites as clean.I can only assume that neither of them are safe to use any more while browsing the Internet.Is there any better programs about to-day that can do a better job.Unfortunately I never kept the name of the Trojan or Malware that AVG stopped.It is not in the virus vault so do not know where to look for it now.

  provider 2 11:14 25 Oct 2008


This Web Of Trust site advisor looks as if it has quite a few fans:

click here

McAfee is the one I`ve seen most often recommended, though, and if not the free version then the paid-for one.

  birdface 11:50 25 Oct 2008

Hi .Many thanks for that.having a game of poker just now but will probably give it a try later.Cheers.

  provider 2 12:03 25 Oct 2008


I`ve been meaning to give it a try as well, but not a lot will work with the AOL browser which I still persist in using despite people saying Firefox or Opera are much better.

Anyhow, I think that having so many people testing sites and reporting back to WOT, has to be a good thing ... 20 million or so sites in their list, I think, 1.3 million of them dodgy.

I like the idea of a forum too ... something I don`t think you get with McAfee, which may also be a bit short on really up-to-date info, though that`s just an impression I have rather than a fact.

  birdface 12:22 25 Oct 2008

Any idea if it puts an icon on your Toolbar like McAfee.Anyhow I will remove McAfee and give yours a try this afternoon sometime.Thanks.

  provider 2 12:27 25 Oct 2008

I don`t know. It`s something I will need to find out. It will have that info somewhere on the site, I should think.

  birdface 13:06 25 Oct 2008

Downloaded it.But never signed on.Works something like McAfee puts a little circle icon just below the red X.different colors for different warnings.AVG Link Scanner gives some of the sites as safe and Wot gives them as undesirable.McAfee used to have the same problem with AVG Link scanner. So will give it a try and see how I get on I will remove the Link scanner as well as it does not seem to be very good .Thank You.Your help was appreciated.Will now class as resolved.If I find any problems I will let you know.

  birdface 10:38 28 Oct 2008

So far so good.It works similar to McAfee.It warns you of bad sites and I will stick with and see how it goes.So far so good.Thank you for your help.

  provider 2 15:40 28 Oct 2008


I`m pleased to hear it`s working all right. There`s always a suspicion with these things that they may be a bit too nanny-like, censoring things that are perfectly OK as far as malware is concerned, but far too strict as far as the content goes.

Still, it doesn`t stop you from accessing sites and you do have some prior information about the possible risks ... better that than no information at all, I think.

Since there is no known conflict with McAfee it will be interesting to compare the ratings they give to the same site.

  birdface 15:56 28 Oct 2008

Unfortunately I got rid of McAfee so unable to compare.I know there used to be a big difference with McAfee and AVG Link scanner.Pity I never kept it on a bit longer.

  provider 2 16:00 28 Oct 2008

Not to worry. If WOT is more reliable anyway, it`s probably a bit of a waste of space to have two of them.

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