Mcafee security easy removal or not.

  rabc21 16:25 10 May 2015

Thinking of buying a dell desktop but cant buy it without mcafee security, is it easy to remove to put different security on, heard loads of bad reports thats the only thing putting me off.cheers

  rabc21 16:57 10 May 2015

Sorry me again, some computers have the mcafee 30 day free trial, are you able to just say no you dont want it or not, first dell computer i got had it on and i ended up with loads of problems trying to get rid of it.cheers

  wee eddie 17:27 10 May 2015

The only way to remove an AV is to use the special tool provided on that AV'S Web Site

  Batch 18:28 10 May 2015
  rabc21 09:13 11 May 2015

Is there actually anyone who sells Dell desktops without mcafee.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:24 11 May 2015

Only Dell sells Dell desktops and they all come with McAfee.

I remove McAfee from new Dells all the time and it's really easy. Simply go to Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> highlight McAfee -> click the "Uninstall" button at the top then restart your PC when prompted. That's it - no special software is required.

  bretsky 12:45 11 May 2015

I bought an All in one touch screen Acer Z5771 and 2 Aspire laptops all refurbs with Windows 7 HP and all came with McAfee and other useless software, so the first thing I did was to install Revo uninstaller (free) from click here to have a good clear out, then after a reboot installed my own A/V being Nod32 A/V with Zonealarm free firewall which went in fine-no hiccups or tripping over remnant leftover files from McAfee, so I knew the job had been done properly because if any software was going to kick up, it would be Nod.

  rabc21 13:30 11 May 2015

The first pc I bought was a dell and I had loads of problem's, never did remove it completely as it always kept rearing it's head,don't want to be going through all that trouble again.

  Pine Man 15:33 11 May 2015

never did remove it completely

That's why you should use the McAfee removal tool as advised by wee eddie. Secret-Squirrel's comments are well intentioned but not foolproof.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:52 11 May 2015

Pine Man, I thought I'd mentioned that I've removed McAfee from loads of new Dells and I've never ever needed the special removal tool and all those PCs are still running fine. The OP asked if removal was easy and I said it was. The special AV removal tool is only needed in very rare cases when the uninstall fails.

  Pine Man 16:55 11 May 2015

Well intentioned I said.

I have had problems with hangovers left from McAfee, as has the OP. The solution is simple - use the removal tool. If you don't have a problem - don't use it.

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